Studio DIY HQ: The Reveal!

Studio DIY Headquarters

It’s here!!! Six months later and I’m finally ready to share Studio DIY Headquarters in all it’s bright, crazy, colorful glory!!!!! This was truly a labor of love to put together, and so fascinating to watch my brand that I’ve built here in this not-so-real space come to life in a very real space! I was lucky enough to partner with so many of my favorite companies to make this place of my DREAMS come true and I’m freaking out EXCITED to share all of the details (Like, 30 photos worth!) with you. And BONUS! Glitter Guide is sharing a tour of the space as well (with some photos you won’t see here!) along with a fun interview about my brand, the studio and everything in between! Head over there to check that out, and keep on scrolling to check out all the insanity this here blog now calls home!

Pink Smeg

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The Most Colorful Office

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Party Hair: Hair Chalk for Brunettes! (+ A Fishtail Top Knot)

How-to: Hair Chalk for Brunettes

So apparently 2014 is the year that everyone decided to dye their hair pink. Am I right!? I was feeling all sorts of left out, because most people dyeing their hair happen to be blonde. When Tic Tac asked me to try “Shaking it up!” for a fun post, I knew I had to find a way to turn my not-so-blonde hair oh-so-very colorful! Of course, I wasn’t about to bleach my hair and dip it in pink just three months before my wedding (!) so I asked Joy of Page Beauty if she had another solution…. hair chalk! We had some fun shakin’ up my look, and styling it in the top knot to end all top knots (helloooo fishtail!) to show it off!

How-to: Hair Chalk for Brunettes
DIY Fishtail Top Knot (+ Hair Chalk!)

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