Happy Weekend!

DIY Cotton Candy PiñataCotton candy dance parties with cotton candy piñatas! Is this not normal?

We’ve spent the week hanging out with the folks at Good Housekeeping TV while we prepped for a big shoot today! That’s right everyone, Halloween AND Christmas are already happening here at the HQ. Holy. Moly. This weekend I’ll be hosting a sand art workshop with Clashist and then hitting Unique LA, and also attempting to decompress a bit after such a hectic week! In other news, I was nominated for best DIY blog in the Bloglovin + H&M Awards! If you’d like to throw a vote my way… I’ll throw some virtual confetti your way! What are you all up to!? Preparing for S’mores Day I hope!?!?!? Have a good one!!

Links to love, watch + procrastinate with…

Are you coming to our Instagram workshop!? Last in-person one for awhile!
Yeah, I’m gonna be needing this pizza bra.
Someone needs to buy these colorful tiki glasses IMMEDIATELY.
I can’t even.
These towels have my name on them.
Always. (And it’s on sale!)

Projects to try + sugar rushes to be had…

I am very intrigued by this.
Make some beach towels for those final beach days of summer!
Licorice wrapping paper!!
Cactus meringues!
I am DYING to try this cloud technique!
If you need to display your macarons, this is how it’s DONE.
Pink shibori!
I’d go back to school just so I could make these notebooks.

DIY Tie Dye S’mores

DIY Tie Dye S'mores

RAINBOW UNICORN TIE DYE S’MORES, EVERYONE! Who. Is. Excited? *THIS GIRL!* I wish you all could have been in the studio while we were shooting these. Poor Jeff, surrounded by three girls squealing over how fun, colorful and AMAZING these are. We knew we had to go big or go home for the upcoming National S’mores Day (August 10th!) so we went big. And we went home. And now, we shall all vow to eat more colorful s’mores. Here’s how…

DIY Tie Dye S'mores DIY Tie Dye S'mores


12 Funky Backpacks for Back to School

12 Statement Backpacks for Back to School

So we have the “statement necklace” but what about the statement backpack? Come on, stay with me now. If you’re gonna be lugging gigantic textbooks all over creation, you might as well shout it from the rooftops with a bag that says “HAAAYYYY.” Here’s 12 of my fave funky backpacks (and book bags, too)!

No. 1 Emoji Backpack | No. 2 Iridescent Backpack
No. 3 Heart Tote | No. 4 Purple Holographic Backpack
No. 5 Quilted Holographic Backpack | No. 6 Dino Backpack
No. 7 Geo Pattern Backpack | No. 8 Conversation Heart Backpack
No. 9 Blue Leather Backpack | No. 10 Donut Backpack
No. 11 Rose Gold Tote | No. 12 I like Big Books Tote

For more reasons to get your shopping on, you can follow my Want It. Need It. Pinterest Board, too!

The Ultimate Guide to Birthday Candles


Do you guys need some birthday candles? I think maybe we can help….. HA! This shoot will be forever remembered as that time I bought ALL THE CANDLES. But, it’s research and I like to be thorough. I’ve been coming across so many fun, awesome ones that I wanted to do a big ol’ guide to birthday candles!!!!!! So we’ve rounded up ALL of our favorites and now there’s no excuses for your next birthday cake NOT to be ROCKIN’!

The Ultimate Guide to Birthday Candles
Lolipop (Candle!) Birthday Cake!
The Ultimate Guide to Birthday Candles

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