DIY Heart Floor Decals

DIY Heart Floor Decals

Wooo-wee! I’m in the Valentine spirit now! This project is as easy as 1, 2…. no really.. just TWO steps!! Cut and stick. Ba-BAM! This is a fun way to jazz up the kids room (or your classroom floor, teachers!) for v-day with a little trail of hearts to some yummy treats. Two step projects are the post, so let’s do this.

DIY Heart Floor Decals

Vinyl in Pink + Red Hues (Blush, Pink, Hot Pink, Red)
Cricut Explore™ + Cutting Mat (*** See note below the instructions if you are not a Cricut owner!)


1. Open this project in Cricut Design Space and follow the instructions to cut out the heart shapes.
2. Remove your hearts from the backing and place them on your floor as desired. I recommend testing a heart on an inconspicuous area of your floor first to ensure they can be easily removed from your type of flooring!

***A few of you have mentioned that you don’t have a Cricut and would love a way to still be able to make the projects I share in partnership with them. Good news! I have a solution for you thanks to the new Print and Cut feature. If you’d like to make one of these projects and you don’t have a Cricut, follow the steps below. This will allow you to purchase the file (just $0.99!) and print and cut it by hand. I will warn you that this will be a bit more laborious as you will be hand cutting everything, but it’s a great solution for those of you who’ve asked!

1. Click the “Make It Now” button for project you want to make above.
2. Press the “Customize” button.
3. Select all images and click the “flatten” button in the pop-up menu on the right.
4. Hit “Go” and then hit “Print and continue”. At this point, your printer menu will pop up and you can print the image. After you hit print, it will ask you to make sure you have connected your Cricut Explore, but you can just ignore this as you are all finished! Once you’ve printed the template, you can trace it on to your vinyl and cut out the shapes by hand. Tada!!!

DIY Heart Floor Decals
DIY Heart Floor Decals

All Photos by Jeff Mindell

Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Imagine going crazy and doing an entire floor covered in these!?


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Donut Kiss & Tell: Printables + Treats for Valentine’s Day

MWAH! Donut Kisses Tutorial

This Valentine is a triple threat. It has chocolate, it has donuts, it has free printables… IT HAS IT ALL! Are you excited? If you want to give your Valentine a big ol’ KISS this Valentine’s Day, I suggest that you go this route. I’ve got some donut kisses to make, some kissable printables to print and I’ve teamed up with My M&Ms to show you how to have fun with your food, too!

Kissy Kissy Free Printable Valentines

Happy Weekend!

The Neighbors Have Better Stuff
I did a guest post on one of my fave LA shopping spots, Max & Moritz, for Lovely Indeed while Chelsea enjoys being a mamma to the cutest little dude ever! Check it out! I want this doormat.

I spent a fun few days in NYC with Balloon Time and now I’m hanging out with my parents in NJ for a few days! In case you didn’t know… it’s cold here. ;) But always fun to be back on my original coast. Next week I’m kicking off some Valentine’s Day content and, well, we all know it’s my favorite holiday of the year!!! Hope you all have a fun-tastic weekend!!!!

Links to love, watch + procrastinate with…

Better buy these heart pants before I buy ALL OF THEM.
Dreamy collaborations with stationers that should TOTALLY happen.
There weren’t that many good videos this week, so I’m just going to leave an old favorite right here.
I’ve been looking for a tote bag but all I want are clutches like this one!
Driver, take me somewhere sunny.
Never Have I Ever
I want (need) everything here.
Life lessons on a t-shirt.
Saturday is having the CRAZIEST sale. My boots that I LIVE IN are on sale for $88 (!!!!) and there’s only a size 5. If you are one, you know what to do and you won’t regret it. These are $48 + almost all sizes. I DIE!

Projects to try + sugar rushes to be had…

Soooo… oreo donuts sound like a pretty good idea.
Conversation heart macarons!!!!
A cute little XOXO throw blanket.
Waffles always.
This lettering… PERFECTION!

Studio DIY 2015 Reader Survey – The Results!

DIY Emoji Balloons
DIY Emoji Balloons

Thank you SO much to everyone who participated in this year’s reader survey! Ya rockstars!! It is SO helpful to hear your thoughts. I’ve done a little round-up of them here, along with some answers to the various questions and suggestions you shared! (And the giveaway winner is announced over on the original post here.)

What was your favorite in 2014 + what do you want to see on Studio DIY in 2015?

Studio DIY Survey Results

Once again, balloons won your heart!! And as far as new content, you guys were totally split and interested in seemingly all the items I listed for new content next year! With personal posts and product round-ups tying for the favorite. I’m excited about that and I can’t wait to get to work on sharing some broader content topics this year! As far as personal posts go, I’m still working on a way to make these fit with the rest of the content on Studio DIY… now that I don’t have a wedding to talk about and all…

And for those of you in SoCal, I asked your opinion on workshops. You guys were equally as split there with calligraphy topping the list by just 1%! Excited to get to work on these too. If you haven’t subscribed to the local event newsletter list yet, please do so on this post.

Newsletter? Videos?

Studio DIY Survey Results

Looks like both of those are a yes!! If you haven’t subscribed to the future newsletter list yet, please do so on this post.

What should the next “It” item be on Studio DIY?

I loved reading your answers to that question! Here’s some of the ideas you all had…

Studio DIY It Items

Click through for the rest of the results + my answers to a lot of your questions!


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