A Modern Fiesta with Minted!

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Oooh! Reliving this little non-traditional fiesta we had at Meet/Make/Do has me so excited for Cinco de Mayo! (Is it May yet!?) We partnered up with Minted to throw a make-your-own tacos dinner at the Ace Hotel. But we didn’t want to go typical fiesta-style, we wanted a little something different! We stumbled upon some fantastic blue watercolor designs on Minted’s site, paired ’em with a few other neutrals and popped it all with pink! BAM! A modern fiesta.

A Modern Fiesta

Ace Hotel Palm Springs

Modern Fiesta Confetti

At any fiesta, cascarones are in order! We cracked some open for the table, and made our own giant confetti out of Minted cards and envelopes!

DIY Confetti

Each dinner guest got an art print and a set of mini art prints from Minted. The mini prints look so darn cute strung up on a garland!

Work Hard and Be Nice Minted Mini Prints

Mini Art Print Garland

I’m mildly obsessed with papel picado, so I decided to turn our leftover cards to make my papel picado dreams come true! I used my Cricut to make these, but you could grab your scissors or x-acto and get crafty just as well!

DIY Papel Picado

Every photo backdrop needs a piñata yes? I did a little ombre piñata makeover on this guy, which I’m sharing below if you’d like to do the same!

DIY Ombre Piñata

Start by deconstructing your piñata. Remove the tassels and if your has any mylar on it like mine did, remove that. It will reveal newspaper, but that’s getting covered so it’s A-ok!

DIY Ombre Piñata

Then get your spray paint on! Start with your lightest color and cover the whole thing in it. If you’re using a light color like white, it will take a lot of spray paint to cover the bright colors of most piñatas. Be patient! And if some colors are peaking through, it’s no big deal… it won’t be as noticeable once you ombre it. Do your middle color(s) next working your way up from the bottom. Hold the spray paint at least one or two feet away so the color fades a bit, rather than creating a hard line. Finally add a touch of your darkest color to the bottom of the piñata. Let dry. Done!

DIY Ombre Piñata

DIY Ombre Piñata

Ace Hotel Palm Springs

Group shot! Minus a few of us.

Ace Palm Springs

That pineapple vase you see peaking in everywhere? That was a Jenn creation! AMAZING, right!? We added mini-cacti in seed starters and some loose blooms, in addition to our confetti. Each little favor box held Mexican candy and a custom place card. (Pro tip: Always provide sugar. Ha!)

Pineapple Vase and Mini Cacti

We sat down to dinner as the sun set and we had an awesome time chatting and chowing down! If you’re ever in Palm Springs, you gotta check out the Ace, folks!

Modern Fiesta Sunset Fiesta

A Pineapple Vase!

Step-by-Step Photos by Studio DIY, Group Shot via Chelsea’s Instagram, All Other Photos by Mary Costa Photography

A quick recap of the Minted products we used. They were all so awesome and such great quality! That watercolor. It owns my heart!

Watercolor Menus / Watercolor Thank You Cards (For confetti + Papel Picado) / Place Cards / Custom Backdrop /

Kraft Boxes / Velvet Ribbon / Work Hard Art Print

 Can someone just transport me back to that dinner right now!? A huge thank you to Minted for helping us throw such a fun dinner at Meet/Make/Do. You can’t beat great guacamole, pineapple vases, ombre piñatas and pretty art prints, right!?Brought-to-you-by-Minted

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#MeetTheMindells: Building Our Wedding Website

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Ah, the wedding website. Did you have one? I suppose it’s pretty commonplace nowadays. When Jeff and I started thinking about ours, we knew we wanted something simple, sleek and modern. No crazy patterns, no pre-determined ultra-specific designs. We wanted it to be photo heavy with a lot of white space and clean fonts. Was that too much to ask!?!?!? Luckily, it wasn’t! Enter: Squarespace.

MeetTheMindells Wedding Website

Many of you fellow bloggers out there may be familiar with the Squarespace interface, as I was. It’s user friendly, intuitive, and best of all, clean and simple! I had seen a few wedding blogs mention how awesome it was for not just building a blog, but for building wedding sites, so when Squarespace reached out, I jumped at the chance to utilize their easy-to-edit templates, and wedding-friendly integrated features (like the perfect built-in registry option for our home down payment fund). BAM! Now, we have some decisions. And of course, we need your help!

We’ll be directing our guests to our website with our Save the Dates (they go out in just a few short weeks!), where they’ll find maps of the location, registry information and a schedule of events. But that means we need to get cracking on it! We’ve checked out all the templates, and narrowed our favorites down to three. And this is where you came in! We knew we wanted a look that would showcase the awesome photos LK Griffin Photography took of us, and thought these options did the trick. We have a favorite, we think, but I’ll keep that to myself, because I want to hear which one is YOUR fave?? And who knows, maybe you’ll sway us differently! Check out the options right here (and be sure to click on each photo to enlarge it!):


We love the emphasis on the photo, and the clean white bar at the bottom to define our text.

Squarespace Wedding Website Momentum Template


We love that this template allows us to showcase multiple photos right on the homepage.

Squarespace Wedding Website Forte Template Ishimoto Template


We love that the sole design element of this template is a photo, just as we wanted, and love the text overlay.

Squarespace Wedding Website Forte Template

All Photos by LK Griffin Photography

Now, feel free to weigh in in the comments below! Which one is your favorite!? And why!? (Thanks in advance. You guys rock!!) Then keep an eye out for when we share our finished site, and more about all the fun and easy Squarespace features we hope to utilize!


This post, and event, is sponsored by Squarespace. All content and opinions are that of my own! Thank you for supporting the sponsors that keep the Studio DIY party going! Read more about my editorial policies here.