What Holiday Content Do You Want to See on Studio DIY!?

Please excuse the interruption of my protest against summer ending for the inevitable. The holidays. You know I love holidays, and the second I get over my little pitty party about summer ending it’s going to be all ornaments and tinsel up in here again! (Ok, maybe not quite that fast.) But in order for me to bring you the best of the best holiday content, I must start planning early! I’d love to hear what you guys want to see most when it comes to Christmas, Hanukkah and other winter celebrations!? So if you have a quick moment, check out the poll below and pick the three things you’d most like to see! Feel free to suggest something else in the “other” box too, I’d love to hear what would make you the happiest, most festive holiday celebrators around! Thanks in advance and Merry (Four Months Till) Christmas! Ha!

Gift Cakes with Edible Bows

Flashback to last  year’s DIY Holiday Gift Cakes

Please vote for the (up to) THREE things you would most like to see on Studio DIY around the Christmas/winter holiday time!

It’ll be here in no time!