Happy Weekend (+ Happy Birthday to Me!)

I’ve been celebrating it all week but today is in fact the big ol’ day… my birthday! And it’s also the first day of summer! Oh what a day!! In an effort to behave like a normal human being (and not like the crazy, self-employed, “sleeping is for the dead” person I normally am), I’m taking the day off! And so is Jeff! When Jeff asked me what I wanted for my birthday this year, I told him I wanted him to make me a cake.. and that’s it. But not a cake from a box, a cake from scratch. To me, he gets off easy. I’m a cheap date! To him, this is far harder than running to the jewelry store and picking up the first sparkly thing he sees. Ha! But he has agreed to the challenge and hopefully I will be reporting back here on Monday, alive, and one cake heavier! I don’t really know what else we have planned but we’ll see what this birthday brings. I have a feeling that 24 is going to be an exciting year! For the rest of you, I hope you can use this week’s DIYs to pretend like it’s your birthday and celebrate that it is now officially the best season of them all. SUMMER!


The aftermath of my recent shoot with Mary for a few fun confetti projects, debuting next week! (via my Instagram)

{Inspire} Links to Love

Aren’t these floral print treat bags awesome? I need some. Stat!
Working with confetti isn’t always glamorous.
Because yellow is the best.

{Create} DIY Projects & Recipes

I’m declaring eclairs the new “it” dessert… who’s with me!?
Any dessert with the word “magic” in it deserves to be made.
If you haven’t noticed a food theme in this week’s links yet, well.. here’s another hint.
Popsicle Photo Booth, oh Melanie. You are a rockstar.
This DIY clutch is pretty fantastic! Have you tried mod melts yet?
Soap boat races! Am I too old for this!?
Loving this red, white and blue treat for the Fourth!

{Celebrate} Studio DIY Elsewhere

Getting all red, white and blue on The Sweetest Occasion this week!
Thanks to Camille Styles for the paper flower pencil shout out in her summer party favor round up!

Find out what crafty things are happening in your area this weekend right here!