Happy Weekend! (+ A DIY Graduation Gram!)

DIY Graduation Gram

Tomorrow is the day!! I hope to see some of you local folks at the Etsy Pop-Up I curated for West Elm tomorrow! It’s held at the Los Angeles West Elm and you can find all the details right over here! I’m going to be there, Fonuts (!!!) is going to be there, and most importantly a dozen seriously AWESOME Etsy sellers are going to be there. See a peek at what they’ll be selling right here! It’s gonna be a BLAST! If you come by, be sure to say hi!

And in other fun news, I created this DIY graduation gram for eHow! That’s right, just like my Easter Egg Gram and my Piñata Gram, no box required!! Check out the full DIY right here! And now, for some links!

{Inspire} Links to Love

The week after my West Elm event, there’s an awesome flower crown workshop happening! Check it out if you’re in LA!
I’m just loving these cardboard treats!
I just want all of the pool floats.
Synchronized dancing is the thing I love most in this world. So THIS. I can’t even handle.
A fine art project dedicated to donuts.
Jeff was interviewed by This Is Ground. Check it out!

{Create} DIY Projects & Recipes

This watermelon tote is so fun!
These flamingo wall stickers are amazing!!
I’m pretty lucky to call these two talented ladies my friends! Holy moly!
Sprinkle polka dots!!!
And by the same talented lady.. THIS! I really, truly admire Lyndsay. She’s the real deal, folks!
This family check-in station is going in my future “Must Do” file.

{Celebrate} Studio DIY Elsewhere

I’m guest posting on This Little Street while Audrey snuggles her new little babe!

#MeetTheMindells: Six Months Out!

We basically feel like we’ve done nothing this month. So this post will be shorter than most. Of course, the doing nothing is entirely our fault, as we both have been running in 100 directions and wedding decisions were the very last thing on my mind. We did check a few things off our list though, and now that we are six months out it’s like HOLY COW WE ARE SIX MONTHS OUT! So here we go…


What We’ve Done

We sent out our Save the Dates! There is no turning back now. Word is out. It’s official. Holy CANNOLI! That’s scary.

We booked our rehearsal dinner venue! Well, it’s more of a welcome reception, actually. Since literally every single guest will be traveling for the wedding, we thought it was important to invite everyone to a little welcome celebration on Friday night. We had mixed feelings at first, as we didn’t want to have basically two weddings, but that was put to rest when we found our venue which is completely opposite of our wedding venue. Yep… it’s The Saguaro!!!!!! Did you know they hold weddings (and other activities) on their lawn? It couldn’t be more perfect for us and we are SO excited to have a super colorful pre-wedding gathering with all of our guests! I’m hoping it allows us to see everyone for more than five minutes, which I know is how it goes on the wedding day.

The Saguaro Palm Springs

We started getting rental contracts. Phew! I said in our last post that this overwhelmed me and it still does, but we are working on it!

Bridal Shower! Ok, so I’ve been 100% banished from any involvement in this (hard when you’re a control freak like me!!), but I hear plans are underway for my bridal shower in July and I hear it’s going to be at an awesome venue in Brooklyn! All I’ve been told outside of that is that it’s going to be oh-so-very Studio DIY! YAY!

We had our engagement shoot with Katie!!!!! It was so amazing! I can’t wait to share the photos with you when we get ’em back! Naz of Naz Films also made a film of the whole experience.. so that’ll be so fun to see!

Pool Party in the Desert
Photo from Katie Stoops’ Instagram

What We Need to Do

Invitations – This is a major stress source for me as a paper-freak, so we’re getting this underway early!

Attire for everyone but me! (Clearly we haven’t made any progress on it this month.) I have my dress but nobody else has anything to wear for the wedding still. We’re struggling mostly with the groomsmen. We are both very much not wanting to go the rental route, but we want everyone to look consistent… so do we buy everyone suits? OUCH! My concern with everyone wearing their own black suit (or what not) is that they’ll all be different shades of black or totally different looks altogether. I also need to get bridesmaid attire figured out! I’m working on it!

Trina Turk Palm Springs

Finish Registering. (Did you guys know West Elm just launched a registry!? WIN!!!) I’m really happy about the stuff we’ve already registered for, but I decided there are a few things we already have that could use replacing, and I feel like I’m picking pots and pans out of thin air with all the options out there! Finding the time to research has been tough.

Honeymoon – In our very first wedding post, you guys gave so many awesome honeymoon ideas! A lot of you were loving our Portugal idea, but we are realizing that we really want to honeymoon right after the wedding and Europe is generally not warm enough then. We considered Bora Bora for a bit but flights are $2k-$4k EACH! WHAT! So.. that won’t be happening. Research (and winning the lottery) are on are list for this month as well.

Beach Umbrella Meringues

How We’re Feeling

Since we didn’t do much this month, there wasn’t any decision making stress, but there was a lot of “We should be doing this…” stress. I must say, to anyone who has planned a wedding and run a business at the same time (even if you had a planner like I do!).. props to you! It is wholeheartedly overwhelming and I’m still not over how crazy the whole thing is! I think the second you get engaged you should be granted an extra “wedding hour” in every day. Am I right!? Now we are trying to carve out time to focus on it and make it more of a priority. Six months is going to go by in a FLASH!

In Over His Head

Help! (Or, Questions for You Hitched Folks!)

This question is for those of you who’ve planned weddings without any local family. While I am very lucky to have a mom who isn’t making the wedding all about her (I’ve heard some horror stories!), it is hard to keep her involved (outside of, you know, the whole funding it thing!) since she lives across the country and can’t come to tastings or site visits or otherwise. Do any of you have moms (or sisters or cousins) who wanted to be involved (and you wanted to involve!) but lived far away? Did you find any tasks or ways to include them?

And that’s a wrap! Hoping to have lots to update you about next month!!