The Party Cart: Three Ways

How to Style a Party Cart Three Ways

A few weeks ago I told you I was finally putting the finishing touches on Studio DIY HQ, thanks to the help of the recently revamped Room Essentials collection at Target. To go along with my fancy new fridge, I decided to get a kitchen cart so I had some prep space for lunches during the day, and for any food-related shoots. I tried out this one from Target and it’s perfect! Just the space I need. But then I thought, well shoot… this piece could be a heck of a lot more than a kitchen cart. And BAM! The Party Cart was born. It’s all about re-purposing folks, and for those of you that live in small spaces and need multipurpose pieces… well by golly, here’s one of ’em! This cart could be a kitchen cart or a bar cart most days, but for those special days… I’ve got three ways to help it put on it’s party pants!

DIY Birthday Party Cart


#MeetTheMindells: Three Months Out

GUYS! We got so much done this past month. HOORAY FOR US!

Fun Wedding Accessories
My wedding accessories! Sweater from Ted Baker (No longer available), Shoes, Earrings and Cha Cha Earrings from Kate Spade. More info below!

What We’ve Done

I had my bridal shower! And it was amazing. We’re getting photos back soon so I can share them with you! It was really fun to have people from all parts of my life in one room and the room was freaking GORGEOUS, mind you! I won’t gush too much here right now because I’ll be doing a separate post on the shower, for sure.

Honeycomb Table RunnerThe table from my shower, which I know I’ve already shown you but I’m just obsessed!

Planned the Ceremony! When we were home in New Jersey we sat down with our officiant, Jeff’s Uncle Alan, and planned out the whole ceremony! It was fun to piece together all the various parts and that made it all seem pretty real. All that’s left to do is write our vows and select a reading. BAM!

Bought our wedding bands! Also while in NJ, we bought our wedding bands. Truth be told, I didn’t want a wedding band. I love my ring, and because of the emerald cut, a band looks really silly with it in my opinion. But, I didn’t know if twenty years down the road I’d regret not having one, SO! I decided to get a very thin and simple gold band and I plan to wear it on my right hand. That way, I have one, and can switch it over if I ever want, but it doesn’t clutter up my engagement ring which I adore on its own right now. Anyone else done this? I hear it’s “very European.” Ha, I need to move to Europe! Jeff got basically the exact same band but thicker, just simple and gold. We haven’t engraved anything on them, but I think it would be really fun to do something funny. We each have a few ideas but haven’t pulled the trigger. Do you have anything engraved on yours? My sister-in-law had my brother’s band engraved with “Put it back on.” which I think is the best thing I have EVER heard. It would be hard to top that one…

Outfitted the Men! Well, most of them. Apparently we actually were really productive in NJ. Jeff went shopping with his best man in NYC and scored a Sandro tux! It’s navy with a black shawl lapel and it fits him so well! As soon as we got back to LA, we went over to Macy’s and found out they were having a huge sale on suits, so we ordered a simple slim-fit black suit for each of the groomsmen and called it a day! We debated so much over what to have the guys wear so I’m really really really glad at least a few people are clothed. Now, we have to outfit my nephews, ages 10 and (almost) 2! Ties for everyone, TBD. Getting there!

I ordered a bazillion options for the girls. After talking to everyone at my shower and seeing their “This girl is crazy.” look when I told them I still didn’t know what the bridesmaids were wearing, I figured I should get a move on. I ordered a bunch of dresses but didn’t like any of them, so now I have a bunch of skirts on the way! We’ll see what happens. I also found this AMAZING company called Hucklebones and ordered a bunch of their summer collection on sale for the little girls in the wedding (ages 11, 9 and 6). So far I’ve loved everything that’s arrived, but I’ll have to do a little fashion show with my nieces to see what works! Their new fall collection looks equally amazing.

Bridesmaid Attire IdeasA few of the items I ordered to try for the girls! Haven’t gotten them yet, but we’ll see!
Sources, left to right: (Top Row, Adults: Floral Skirt, Coral Skirt, Peach Skirt; Bottom Row, Adults: Light Pink Skirt, Pink Skirt; Kids: Shift Dress, Gold Skirt, Gold Dress)

Had my first dress fitting! I got to see my dress for the first time in real life! Since the designer makes each dress custom, I really didn’t know what it was going to look like when all was said and done! Luckily, except for one change we’ll be making, I was overall very happy. Between my dress, hair and makeup my word I’ve always used is “I don’t want to look bride-y.” Surprisingly enough, most people tend to get what I mean by that, as weird as it sounds! I also bought shoes and jewelry and both worked with the dress! SCORE! I ended up getting the Kate Spade wedges you guys loved but in blue. The blue felt a little more sophisticated to me than the pink, and it can act as my “something blue” too, channeling Carrie Bradshaw and all! I also bought these earrings and they literally were SO perfect. DONE and DONE!

Hair + Makeup, booked! True life: I hate having my makeup done. I always feel like I look like a clown since I don’t wear too much normally, and I’m also allergic to a lot of makeup so you never know if my eyes are gonna go bananas or not. Luckily, Bash recommended Erica at 10.11 Makeup and after my trial last week, I can officially say I did NOT feel like a clown! Erica was so great at listening to all my concerns (and believe me, I don’t talk makeup so this was a challenge). She said something along the lines of “my goal is to make you a more glamorous version of yourself” and that’s just what she did. I felt like myself, just a little more fancied up! As far as my hair goes, I’m doing a loose/untamed low bun, for lack of a better term. I think I’ll probably add a fresh flower, but that’s to be discussed with Holly soon!

Bridal Hair and Makeup TrialPost Hair + Makeup Trial!

Booked! We officially booked both rental companies that I discussed last time, and we booked our bar services which are coming from Please & Thank You (the sister company of our caterers). For our bar we’ll be having two signature cocktails (TBD), three wines and three beers and keeping it at that. It was a way to keep the cost (somewhat) down instead of having a full bar.

We got in touch with our DJ and started figuring out our first dance! That’s all I can say about that. EEP!

Invitations! After chatting with Nole and telling her that I just had NO IDEA what I wanted to do with my invitations other than I wanted them to have calligraphy and I loved watercolor, she said “well why don’t you do an all calligraphy invitation?” And I was like, Well. Yeah. That sounds like a perfect idea! So, we finished up the wording for our invitations and sent it off to Lauren (A Fabulous Fete) who will be doing all the calligraphy! I’m really excited to see what she does with it!

What We Need To Do

Finalize the remaining bridal party attire. This is a staple for every “What We Need To Do” category thus far, so you know, I didn’t want to let you down.

Citrus Bridal Shower
A few more shower details! Cookies from The Alison Show, Stationery from 9th Letter Press, Favor Bags from Shop Sweet Lulu, J+K Lemon Drop Boxes from my Aunt!

Finalize the Welcome Reception menu. We’re having a tasting at The Saguaro with Jeff’s parents while they’re out here later this month and then we’ll be able to nail down all those details! Assuming we don’t faint from the fact that we are crazy enough to go Palm Springs in August!

Figure out a reading. We’re having a close family friend of Jeff’s, who’s also a close high school friend of mine, do a reading at the wedding. However, we don’t want any super sappy/romantic/religious readings. Basically, we don’t want a typical wedding reading at all. So! We’re researching some funny alternatives but haven’t gotten too into it yet. If you guys have any suggestions, let me know!

Book dessert. The most important part. DUH! Jeff and I have a tradition of getting a slice of cake at our favorite place every time we’re in Palm Springs, so we’ll be having that bakery do several one tier cakes in different flavors! I’ll share more details once we’ve got ’em but I’m really excited that we were able to incorporate a place that holds so much meaning for us from our many visits to PS!

Keep trying to finalize the decor plan. We have rentals squared away officially, and we have a florist who I trust with my life (!), but as far as the rest of the design details, we don’t have anything. And to be frank, I have approximately zero ideas. Isn’t that nuts? It makes me feel like a total failure, that as someone who has a creative job and does party DIYs for a living, I don’t have a single cool idea for my own wedding. But, it’s been nine months and nothing has come to me (I blame the pressure and my lack of time to put thought into it), so I’ve just accepted it and we’ll see what ends up happening.

Find room for all of our registry gifts. OH BOY! Currently you can’t walk in our living room because we don’t have any storage for the gifts we received thus far! So that’s been interesting. We’re trying to move, but haven’t succeeded yet. So for now, we’ve just gotten really good at hopping over things.

Small Dog Big Box
This is what I come home to every day. Well, minus the dog on top. I’m pretty sure the UPS guy wants us to die.

How We’re Feeling

I’m feeling a little deflated right now to be honest. As evidenced above, the fact that my wedding day that I have been dreaming about for as long as I can remember is finally here and I really have no idea what I want is pretty draining and makes me sad! When we talk about things like the music and dancing, and the mariachi band, I get really excited. But when we start talking about the look of the day, I just try to put it off because, again, I feel like a failure! That’s a lot for me to admit here, too, when I know you guys are probably pretty curious about all the crazy DIYs and unexpected elements I have planned! I’ve always said, my best ideas come at the last minute but that doesn’t really work well for wedding planning, so as of now I have none. And that’s not an exaggeration, folks. So, there it is.

Help! (Or, Questions for You Hitched Folks!)

Oh a happier note… music! Let’s discuss. As I mentioned, we’re currently working on finalizing some of the big dance songs, our first dance, my Father/Daughter dance and Jeff’s Mother/Son dance. I’ve enlisted my dad, who’s great with music, to come up with some ideas for our dance, and Jeff and I have a good idea of our first dance, but aren’t ready to share that yet. So in the meantime, I’m curious… what did YOU guys dance to for any or all of the above special dances at your wedding?? Did you go a traditional route or do something crazy!? I’ve always been a fan of watching YouTube videos of funny wedding dances, but I think there’s something really nice about a classic dance too. Would LOVE to know what went down on your big day!

With that, I’m signing off for another month of wedding planning insanity! Happy that I finally had some real big accomplishments to share with you this time, and hoping to have even more come September!

Party Stylin’ 007

 Pattern on Pattern

I’ve been on a black and white kick lately. I raided both the Kate Spade Saturday and the Zara sales before I left for my East Coast trip and found some great black and white, so I ran with it! I’ve also been pairing some crazy patterns because why not!? In my mind, kiwi pants and stripes totally work. Oh and by the way, are those kiwis? Or limes? Or cucumbers? I wore them to Unique LA yesterday and the fruit was up for debate. I’m going with kiwi because, as we discussed here, the kiwi just doesn’t get enough love.

Kiwi Pants
Kiwi Pants

Black and White
Let's Dance!
All Photos by Jeff Mindell for Studio DIY

Striped Shirt: Zara (Can’t find it online, but another stripe here!) / Pants: Zara / Necklace: Saturday / Bag: Balenciaga / Shoes: Saturday

See, I wasn’t joking when I said I’ve been living in those shoes and that necklace. They’re my faves. Remember, when in doubt, dance in kiwi pants in the alley behind your building. Life lessons, folks. That’s what I’m here for!

For more party stylin’ posts, click here.

#TroopStudioDIY: Have You Made a Studio DIY Project!?

Studio DIY Reader Projects
I can hardly believe it’s taken me this long to get my act together on this topic, but it’s time to talk about YOU GUYS for a minute! There is nothing that makes my day better and my job more worth it than when one of you makes one of my projects… and shares it with me!!! I’ve had a reader project gallery for awhile where I’ve added some of your projects that you’ve shared via Instagram or email, but unfortunately the gallery hasn’t been working properly for some time (Working on fixing this!). Additionally, I’ve been missing some of your amazing projects on Instagram because I don’t see the mention in time. SO! Let’s remedy both situations with… a hashtag! From here on out, I invite you to share any and every Studio DIY project you’ve tried with me on Instagram using the hashtag #TroopStudioDIY! If you’ve already made + shared one, go back and add the hashtag so it pops up in the feed! It’ll be so fun to get to see all of your crafty awesomeness in one special place! Don’t you agree!? And to get you inspired… check out some of my fave reader-versions of projects above! Eep! You guys ROCK!

(p.s. The hashtag was chosen solely for the fact that it made me sign the song/chant from Troop Beverly Hills. I’m hoping at least one of you knows what that movie is….) HOORAY!

(Above photos from some awesome readers!
@mom2sofia / @bonnieshus / @stephsterjovski / @sweetgingers /
@citrusstudios /
Kiersten / @haysunshine / @njlundstrom /
@catherinecbrown / @sarah_thebella / @bristory / @ninatutuc /
@moonandlola / Federica, Photo by Maurizio Mangano / @sprinklebakes / @jilrose )

Remember: TAG your photos with #TroopStudioDIY to share ’em with the troop! Yay!

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