Happy Weekend!

Color Block Wall
Photo from this week’s Wynwood Walls post. IS THIS REAL LIFE!?

WOW-EE! January isn’t waiting ANY time showing me who’s boss. I had meeting after meeting this week, and next week is shaping up to be the same! EXCITING meetings, but it’s nothing like hitting the ground running! The next two weeks are going to be pretty big for me. Lots of questions answered and new adventures! MY BRAIN IS ON WARP SPEED! Which is probably why I’m just babbling… so folks, have a wonderful weekend! And thanks for a great first week of 2015!!

Links to love, watch + procrastinate with…

I know this video is so old, but I MEAN! If you need a smile, you need to watch.
My new notebook for bullet journaling!
These. Pants.
This coat, Get in my closet! Ok, and this scalloped blouse too.
I will live here, yes?
If you want your mind blown.. FITZ was TARZAN and STEVE was ALADDIN!?
The sweetest baby gift!
Kisses! Kisses!
I will always and forever be madly in love with Karl Lagerfeld.
Jimmy Fallon blows a date with Nicole Kidman. HILARIOUS!
I woke up like this.

Projects to try + sugar rushes to be had…

Everyone needs to have fruity pebbles pops in their life.
Loving on these patchwork favor bags.I need to make this for my future children. Or myself. Or both.
These DIY plates are AWESOME.
A donut apron!

DIY Birthday Cake Box

DIY Birthday Cake Box

Gonna kick off the DIYs of 2015 by getting back to my roots… cake. Well, faux cake. Obviously. I’ve dressed as a cake, I’ve smashed a cake… and now I’m gifting cake filled with treats and goodies. (As IF cake could get ANY better!?) And I recommend you do too. Whip out a bunch of these on your Cricut Explore™ in no time and starting sending ’em to every birthday guy and gal you know!

DIY Birthday Cake Box

I think my favorite thing to cut with my Cricut is sprinkles. I’ve literally cut every size out of every material. I mean, perfect little jimmies.. it just doesn’t get better!

DIY Birthday Cake Box

Cardstock in a Variety of Colors (One for your box AKA “the frosting”, one for the “cake” strips and the rest for the sprinkles!)
Cricut Explore™
Cricut Scoring Stylus
Paper Straw
Tissue Paper
Glue Stick
Hot Glue Gun

DIY Birthday Cake Box DIY Birthday Cake Box
DIY Birthday Cake Box
DIY Birthday Cake Box
DIY Birthday Cake Box
DIY Birthday Cake Box
DIY Birthday Cake Box
DIY Birthday Cake Box


1. Open up this project in Cricut Design Space. You’ll need to insert your scoring stylus in the machine first, then follow the instructions for loading and cutting and scoring your box and cutting your cake strips and sprinkles.
2. Fold along all scored lines of your box. Run a glue stick along the tab at the front point of the cake and glue to the opposing side. Glue the bottom triangle of the cake to the corresponding tab. Fill with treats and tuck the back of the cake in (securing with glue or tape).
3. Fold cake strips in half. Glue cake strips to sides of the box as pictured to form the cake layers, folding across the point of the cake.
4. Glue sprinkles to top and back of cake.
5. To make the candle, cut straw to desired size. Take two two-inch squares of yellow tissue paper and pinch in the middle. Place a bead of hot glue on the pinched end and insert into straw. Hot glue straw to the top of the cake.

DIY Birthday Cake BoxAll Photos by Studio DIY

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#StudioDIYintheWild: Wynwood Walls

Wynwood Walls

While we were in college, Jeff’s parents moved from our hometown in New Jersey to South Florida and for our first married Christmas together we headed to their neck of the woods! We took a day trip to Miami basically for one sole purpose… Wynwood Walls! I’ve seen this mystical, magical place all over Instagram and it was NECESSARY to go. It DID NOT disappoint! Conceived by Tony Goldman, the concept was created to transform Wynwood’s warehouse district and bring more foot traffic to the area… by turning warehouse walls into giant pieces of art! There’s a “park” type area where several of these walls are, but in the surrounding neighborhood there are INFINITELY more walls to see, and some cool shops too! If you’re in the area, you gotta check it out!

Flower Wall!

Click through for all the pics!


#MeetTheMindells: Post-Wedding Thoughts!

Palm Springs Wedding

Well, nothing like two long-winded posts in a row to see which of you guys REALLY like me here. 😉 Jeff and I are 9 days short of our two month wedding anniversary (!) so I figured it was HIGH TIME I did a little recap! Sadly, I won’t be able to share the wedding photos or design/decor details for a little while here on the blog, but I thought I could share a few Instagram snaps and some thoughts on the highlights of our day so it doesn’t look like I just got married and then forgot about it and moved on! Here we go, our thoughts:

Click through for the full recap!


A Review of 2014 + What to Expect in 2015!

Studio DIY Behind the ScenesThis picture makes me feel like The Birthday Fairy.

I’m always the last one to come in with a year-end recap, but I am weirdly superstitious about talking about the year before it’s 100% over. So, here I am! Time to reflect on the year, share what your (seemingly) favorite posts were and talk about what I’ve got cookin’ for 2015!

Most Popular Posts of 2014!
(Says Instagram, Pinterest + Google Analytics, unscientifically combined to make this list, in no particular order!)

Studio DIY Top 10 Projects of 2014

DIY Fruit Slice Umbrellas / DIY Emoji Balloons
DIY Strawberry Costume / Pre-gaming With Pastries
DIY Clock Balloons / Popsicle Cakes
DIY Donut Hat / DIY Taco Piñata
DIY Conversation Heart Balloons / Striped Donuts

Did you have any favorites? I’d say the emoji balloons and taco piñata were two of my tops!

Click through for my long-winded thoughts on 2014 and goals for 2015.


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