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And now we officially begin the Valentine’s Day 2014 palooza. SHAZAM! Before I kick in to DIY gear, how about a revival of the Party Stylin’ column, yes!? Have you ever put together an outfit and then decided it was the only outfit you owned that you liked and worn it for as many days in a row as you could go without seeing the same people? Don’t lie, I know you have. That is this outfit for me. Of course, this outfit obsession came a few weeks too early for the more appropriate Valentine’s Day party/dinner/celebratory circuit. But I’m posting it just in time for you guys to think about donning a similar combo just in time for February 14th!


Valentine Outfit

Valentine's Day Outift

Valentine Outfit


What to Wear on Valentine's Day

Red Sunglasses

Heart Balloons

All Photos by Mary Costa Photography

Sweater: Crewcuts Factory (I also think this and this heart sweater are completely adorable. I want ALL OF the heart sweaters.) / Pants: J. Crew / Bow: American Apparel / Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters (They are Mary’s and I totally stole them for this! I can only find this luxe version online, but the ones I’m wearing were just plastic! I think these are cute too!) / Necklace: BaubleBar / Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Tomorrow kicks off three weeks of Valentine’s Day DIYs and treats! Can’t wait!!!!

Free Printable Super Bowl Bingo

Running three years strong now, here’s the 2014 Super Bowl bingo! You guys have loved it in the past and asked for it again, so since the teams have finally been decided, here we have it! I update the bingo each year to apply to the players and colors of the teams. Print it out (10 cards total, on five sheets), cut them out and enjoy! Perfect for kiddos or for those who just aren’t that in to football. Place a bet, play with candy, you know the drill. Since I have a boatload of Valentine content this year (What can I say… I like hearts more than sports!), this will be my only Super Bowl post (I really wanted to disco out some helmets.), so happy Super Bowl-ing, folks! Download below!

Super Bowl Bingo for 2014

Super Bowl Bingo Free Printable

Free Printable Super Bowl Bingo

All Photos by Studio DIY

Click here to download the free printable Super Bowl bingo cards!

You can print these fun “Rate the Super Bowl Commercials” cards too! And if you’re feeling fancy, you should probably glitter some foam fingers too. (Saying “foam fingers” this year has a whole different meaning than last year, thanks Miley Cyrus. Ha!)

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