Studio DIY 2015 Reader Survey – The Results!

DIY Emoji Balloons
DIY Emoji Balloons

Thank you SO much to everyone who participated in this year’s reader survey! Ya rockstars!! It is SO helpful to hear your thoughts. I’ve done a little round-up of them here, along with some answers to the various questions and suggestions you shared! (And the giveaway winner is announced over on the original post here.)

What was your favorite in 2014 + what do you want to see on Studio DIY in 2015?

Studio DIY Survey Results

Once again, balloons won your heart!! And as far as new content, you guys were totally split and interested in seemingly all the items I listed for new content next year! With personal posts and product round-ups tying for the favorite. I’m excited about that and I can’t wait to get to work on sharing some broader content topics this year! As far as personal posts go, I’m still working on a way to make these fit with the rest of the content on Studio DIY… now that I don’t have a wedding to talk about and all…

And for those of you in SoCal, I asked your opinion on workshops. You guys were equally as split there with calligraphy topping the list by just 1%! Excited to get to work on these too. If you haven’t subscribed to the local event newsletter list yet, please do so on this post.

Newsletter? Videos?

Studio DIY Survey Results

Looks like both of those are a yes!! If you haven’t subscribed to the future newsletter list yet, please do so on this post.

What should the next “It” item be on Studio DIY?

I loved reading your answers to that question! Here’s some of the ideas you all had…

Studio DIY It Items

Click through for the rest of the results + my answers to a lot of your questions!


Happy Weekend!

I'm A Barbie Girl
Got to stop by the Munchkin offices yesterday for a tour! WHAT a space! Nothing like an office that doubles as a crazy-awesome art gallery. Studio DIY HQ needs to step up it’s game!

This week was CA-RAZY! Back to back meetings and shoots and insanity! Lots of good news, though. And thank you all so much for your kind words on yesterday’s post! I’m glad I finally got it together enough to share. It’s going to be a good year! I’m headed to New York on a work trip next week and will be seeing my family for a few days after, so that will be great. Always good to be back in NYC! This weekend, I’ll be working to prep for the time I’m away but hopefully you can all do a little extra relaxing in my honor! (p.s. If you haven’t taken the reader survey + entered the giveaway yet, it ends on Sunday!!)

Links to love, watch + procrastinate with…

I typically limit my list of men I would leave Jeff for to NBC news anchors but Dax Shepard has made his way onto that list. Frankly, so has his wife.
In the Lanza house we always ate pizza for breakfast.
Valentine’s Day NECESSITY!
If you need an excuse to buy cookies at the grocery store, this tote bag will help.
This dress be like MWAH!
So, sequin blazer or sequin pants?

Projects to try + sugar rushes to be had…

I’m gonna need to buy a bike guys.
I am all about this cake.
I don’t have cats, but I love these. Obviously.
Pineapple Flowers. SAY WHAT!?

The Road to Studio DIY: My Background Story!

The Road to Studio DIY

Way back in the beginning of 2014, I asked all of you to take a survey, and so many of you did! By far the most common question I got was about my story, how I got here, what I went to school for, all that jazz. Then I didn’t tell you all of 2014, got more questions in my 2015 survey (have you taken it yet?) and decided I needed to FINALLY publish this post! And so I’m finally here to tell you my story.

You can really thank my mom for this post. For a surprise bridal shower gift she made me nine (NINE!) scrapbooks that chronicled my life from birth until now. It is such an amazing gift and one I’m so excited to share with my kids some day! But the other great part about it was, it put all the things I wanted to tell you guys right there, in chronological order! Thanks Mom for helping me get a move on with this post! And thus commence the most embarrassing photos I’ve ever shared…

“Paper Crafts”

It all started when I was born. No.. ha! We won’t go that far back. My story towards Studio DIY really starts in middle school, so I’ll summarize the previous years for you. I was always doing crafts as a kid. AL-WAYS. I have four brothers and they all played all the sports and I did all the crafts while I sat on all the sidelines. You see, I didn’t get the athletic gene. I did track for a few years once, and was always happy when I came in last because the ribbon was pink. Yep, it’s true. (I did dance though!) I was a big animal lover (I wanted to be a zookeeper and a cat house designer at one point. Yep.) and I was always starting fun side projects with my friend Michelle. We had a paper crafts biz which we called “Paper Crafts” (Original, eh?) and we sold our creations on the side of the road, lemonade-stand style! And that was elementary school. Now for the good stuff!

The Road to Studio DIY

As I’ve told you before, in 2002 I was diagnosed with stomach cancer (GIST, to be exact. You can read that story here.). I missed most of the 8th grade recovering and during that time I started to get really into fashion design. (At some point I also wanted to be an interior designer, but for the sake of time, I’m gonna cut to the chase that that didn’t last long.) I found some model templates online and started sketching clothing designs. I was always a future-thinking kid. So as my love for this new hobby grew, I started researching. Researching fashion schools, researching fashion careers, all that jazz. I finally came upon The Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC and found out they had a pre-college program for high school students. SCORE! It ran in the summers and on Saturdays during the school year. So you better bet I started that very summer, despite still needing some pretty powerful post-surgery medicine, which I would take during the lunch hour. Multi-tasking, people! Overall, I loved the program and it gave me a great taste of what I thought my career path would be… fashion design.


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