Chocolate Chip Cookie March Madness

Chocolate Chip Cookie Taste Off

First true fact: I’m not that into sports. Second true fact: I secretly love March Madness. Not because I like basketball all that much, or because I even think I know who might win, but because I just LOVE filling out that darn bracket. I’m actually not half bad at guessing either, believe it or not. But if I’m going to throw a March Madness party, like Target Style challenged me to do, I’m gonna involve something where I have slightly better odds at winning. And that, my friends, involves chocolate chip cookies. Yep, we’re taking the bracket to the food and having the ULTIMATE March Madness Chocolate Chip Cookie taste off. We used cookies from all OVER Los Angeles, but you could invite your guests to bake their own, or you could choose another food entirely. Pizza? Dips? DONUTS? Let’s do this.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Taste Off

Chocolate Chip Cookie Taste Off


Ten Essentials for Dressing Your Easter Best

10 Essentials for Dressing Your Easter Best

Eleven months out of twelve, I’d choose bright colors. But that month before Easter? I just want some PASTELS in my life. I just love ’em. All of ’em. Together. In one schnazy pastel outfit, like that one I put together above. What do you think? Can you get behind head to toe pastel!?

No. 1 Necklace from Emily Green / Floppy Hat
No. 3 Sunglasses / No. 4 Nail Polish
No. 5 Barrettes / No. 6 Metallic Sweatshirt (30% off!)
No. 7 Shoes / No. 8 Tote Bag
No. 9 Pants / No. 10 Clutch

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