Happy Weekend!

Studio DIY Behind the Scenes
Behind the scenes #cantcropthis shot from our lemon shoot! This has to be my fave shoot to date.

Phew, I feel like I’m having Happy Weekend post withdrawals! It’s been SO LONG. I’ve got lots of good links for ya as a result. Next week we’re gonna be sharing some honeymoon recaps and some July 4th DIYs, but first I’m gonna be spending this weekend attempting to get my life back in order and maybe (hopefully!?) get officially adjusted back to this time zone. What are you all up to!? Something summer-y I hope! Have a good one!

Links to love, watch + procrastinate with…

I could listen to Melissa McCarthy talk about her kids all day. (Laughing emoji.) Start at the 1:00.
Flamingo flip flops. Mhm.
Read Amy Poehler’s book on our trip and LOVED it.
In case 20 crazy clutches weren’t enough.. ONE MORE!
The best ice cream shop in every state. Have you been to yours!?
The pattern on these shorts is SO good!
Emoji earrings for everyone!
This flight attendant is my hero.
Rest in peace, Mr. Featherstone.

Projects to try + sugar rushes to be had…

Love this lip print scarf! So genius.
Well I don’t mind if I do.
These coasters have me over the moon! (Hehe)
Yes PLEASE to these whoopie pies.
Cardboard cacti for the win!
Pattern perfection.

10 Instagrammers I’m Crushin’ On (Real Hard)

10 IInstagrammers I'm Crushing On (Real Hard)

In case you didn’t know… I just really love Instagram. It’s become the most interactive aspect of my business, and one of the most valuable ones too. (Hey, we even developed a class all about that!) But more than anything, I’ve loved discovering REALLY AWESOME people doing crazy amazing things on the platform. Those tiny squares are like a giant FEAST for my eyeballs. So, I thought it would be fun to share 10 Instagrammers whose work makes my heart go BOOM BOOM. Real loud. How about it!?

Click through to see my faves!


Can’t Clutch This: 20 Quirky Clutches You Gotta Have

Cant Clutch This: 20 Quirky Clutches You Gotta Have

I want ALL THE CLUTCHES! While I was shopping for our trip, I noticed there were approximately 1,000 cute/crazy/quirky clutches that I was eying, so I did what any good blogger does… I rounded them up here so as to avoid buying all of them. I can’t even pick a favorite. Ok, it’s totally the glitter egg one. GAH! Which is your fave?

No. 1 Ice Cream | No. 2 Do Not Touch | No. 3 Watermelon
No. 4 Emoji | No. 5 Sassy | No. 6 Unicorn Tears
No. 7 Popsicle | No. 8 Seashell | No. 9 Dinosaur
No. 10 Pineapples | No. 11 Popcorn | No. 12 Lips
No. 13 Brunch Money | No. 14 Balloon
No. 15 Sun | No. 16 Eye | No. 17 Peekaboo
No. 18 Citrus Slice | No. 19 Egg | No. 20 Fries

For more reasons to get your shopping on, you can follow my Want It. Need It. Pinterest Board, too!