Nine Things You Should Wear on Valentine’s Day

Nine Things You Should Wear on Valentine's Day

One more piece of feedback from the survey (Sick of me talking about it yet?) is that you wanted to see more of my fave products rounded up ’round here! BA-BAM! An excuse to shop online!? I love you guys. So today, I have nine things that you basically have to wear on Valentine’s Day. All together. You’ll be like a real life cupid, passing out fries to the gals and kisses to the guys. Who wouldn’t love you?

No. 1 Heart Pants / No. 2 Kissy Clutch
No. 3 Lips Skirt / No. 4 Wink Wink Necklace
No. 5 Lips Sunglasses / No. 6 You Had Me At Merlot Sweatshirt
No. 7 Emoji Earrings / No. 8 Heart Duffle
No. 9 Button Flair

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