HowAboutWe: Donut Making Date!

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One of the main things you all told me in my survey last week was that you wanted to read more personal stories, see a bit more of Jeff and find more posts focused on celebrating the every day. I rolled all three into one today! BAM! I have been stalking HowAboutWe for Couples for months just waiting for them to come to LA and when they did… I jumped on that SO fast! A site that curates awesome dates for us? DONE! A site that has a date that involves donuts? Ok, you better bet we’ll celebrate our relationship with donuts. So that’s just what we did. (But before I go all donut on you.. something fun! Get $50 off your first date by clicking right here! More info at the bottom of the post!)

HowAboutWe Donut Date in Los Angeles

You see, Jeff and I have been together for almost seven years and our “dates” generally involve the same Mexican restaurant followed by an episode of – insert political drama here – on the couch. Sometimes we run errands too, if we’re feeling WILD. We are always kind of at a loss for what else to do since we aren’t big on the whole bar or club scene that most people our age in LA like to frequent…. until we logged on to HowAboutWe for Couples and checked out their DateBook. I was all “I WANT TO DO ALL OF THESE!” It was really awesome to see a selection of creative date ideas right in front of us. We’re a bit lazy when it comes to these things, and that took care of that! Of course, the DIY donut date at Donut Friend was the logical first choice.

HowAboutWe Donut Date at Donut Friend

HowAboutWe DIY Donut Date

HowAboutWe Make Your Own Donut Date HowAboutWe Donut Date

A HowAboutWe for Couples membership includes one free date a month (Ummm.. awesome!), so we chose the donut date for two where we each got to design our own custom donuts. For the two of us, a date doesn’t get any better. Free coffee was involved too, by the way. We like free. We’re both generally up at the crack of dawn, so we chose to make a day date out of it and had a blast picking our donuts, glazes, fillings and toppings. We had a blast eating them too. Duh. I went for a chocolate donut, filled with fresh strawberries, covered in chocolate glaze and sprinkles.

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Donut

Jeff is more of a purist and got a cro-mag-nut and filled it with blackberry jam.

Blackberry Cronut

I mean, if this face doesn’t make someone fall in love all over again, I don’t know what does.

HowAboutWe Donut Date

HowAboutWe DIY Donut Date at Donut Friend

Remember: Relationships are about sharing, everyone…

HowAboutWe Donut Date

When you’ve been together for so long sometimes you forgot to celebrate your relationship every day, and not just on the anniversaries and holidays that tell you to. I love that HowAboutWe encourages you to do just that. And celebrate we did, with our mouths full of donuts.

HowAboutWe Donut Date

All Photos by Studio DIY

Other dates I have my eye on? Oh I don’t know… the photography class for two and perhaps a language lesson (thinking about that pre-honeymoon!)!? And since we mainly enjoy celebrating our relationship with food… the taco sampler and at-home pretzel-making sound pretty winning too.

As I mentioned up above, you can sign up for free (!) and browse all the fun dates, plus get $50 off your first date by clicking right here!! (New members only, offer expires 6/15/14!) So what about all of you out there in a relationship, are you in a dating rut like we were? I know we weren’t the only ones couching it with take-out before….


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Meet/Make/Do: A Mini Recap!

It’s so crazy to me that I’m now writing on the other side of Meet/Make/Do. When you spend nine months planning something, it’s hard to believe when it actually happens! The last week has been a complete whirlwind. It was so amazing to have a group of like-minded people together, and to see everyone’s ideas and creative process in real life. We spent our days creating and sharing tips and thoughts about all things blogging. We hit a few unexpected, unwelcome speed bumps along the way that forced us to change venues mid-event, and we also had to rework our schedule due to almost unheard of Palm Springs rain! Regardless, it was a ridiculously fun and adventurous week. Here’s a few quickie peeks from the event until we share more about the happenings soon!

Yellow Door

Giant Beach Ball

With larger conferences and events, you don’t always get to have in-depth chats with people, but here that’s what we were able to do the whole time! And when you spend most days alone working for yourself, that’s invaluable! And we did it all while checking out a supply buffet like this one…

Meet Make Do

Minted Dinner

Flowers and Stripes

Yellow on Yellow

All Photos via My Instagram

A huge hug and thank you to all of the attendees who I can now officially all call friends! Lexy, Ashley, Jenn, Danni, Brittany, Melanie, Erin, Chelsey, my co-hosts Brittni and Chelsea, our event photographer Mary, all the companies who so generously sent us items, and of course Bing… it wouldn’t have been the same without all of you! Stay tuned for SO much more from our big event!

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