#TroopStudioDIY: Have You Made a Studio DIY Project!?

Studio DIY Reader Projects
I can hardly believe it’s taken me this long to get my act together on this topic, but it’s time to talk about YOU GUYS for a minute! There is nothing that makes my day better and my job more worth it than when one of you makes one of my projects… and shares it with me!!! I’ve had a reader project gallery for awhile where I’ve added some of your projects that you’ve shared via Instagram or email, but unfortunately the gallery hasn’t been working properly for some time (Working on fixing this!). Additionally, I’ve been missing some of your amazing projects on Instagram because I don’t see the mention in time. SO! Let’s remedy both situations with… a hashtag! From here on out, I invite you to share any and every Studio DIY project you’ve tried with me on Instagram using the hashtag #TroopStudioDIY! If you’ve already made + shared one, go back and add the hashtag so it pops up in the feed! It’ll be so fun to get to see all of your crafty awesomeness in one special place! Don’t you agree!? And to get you inspired… check out some of my fave reader-versions of projects above! Eep! You guys ROCK!

(p.s. The hashtag was chosen solely for the fact that it made me sign the song/chant from Troop Beverly Hills. I’m hoping at least one of you knows what that movie is….) HOORAY!

(Above photos from some awesome readers!
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@citrusstudios /
Kiersten / @haysunshine / @njlundstrom /
@catherinecbrown / @sarah_thebella / @bristory / @ninatutuc /
@moonandlola / Federica, Photo by Maurizio Mangano / @sprinklebakes / @jilrose )

Remember: TAG your photos with #TroopStudioDIY to share ‘em with the troop! Yay!

Sugar Fix: Four & Twenty Blackbirds

Four & Twenty Blackbirds Pie Shop

We’re taking Sugar Fix to the East Coast today! Jeff and I had a few meetings in NYC and decided this was a great excuse to try the sweets our hometown side of the country has to offer. Our friend Mel told us we had to check out Four & Twenty Blackbirds in Gowanus because their pie was “on another level.” In case I haven’t mentioned it before, Jeff’s favorite dessert is pie so he was all about this and off we went. And, well, let’s just say Mel’s description was very accurate. We got three kinds to try (more on that below) and had ourselves a little sugar fix, Brooklyn style!

Four & Twenty Blackbirds Pie ShopFour & Twenty Blackbirds Pie Shop - BrooklynFour & Twenty Blackbirds Pie Shop Four & Twenty Blackbirds Pie Shop

Let’s chat about these pies. The three we tried were blue goose (blueberry and gooseberry), black bottom oat (brown sugar, oats and chocolate.. need I say more?) and their most popular, salted caramel apple. Drooling yet? (You can check out the rest of the seasonal menu here.) I happen to be a berry pie kind of gal, though that black bottom doozy almost won out. Jeff loved the caramel apple, and we devoured all three, bright and early at 10am when we arrived! Nothing like a kick start to your day.

Four & Twenty Blackbirds Pie Shop Four & Twenty Blackbirds Pie Shop
Four & Twenty Blackbirds Pie Shop

Photos by Jeff Mindell for Studio DIY

The space has a great large table to work and eat at, in case you need a little sugar for your next meeting. They also have an open kitchen so you can see all the pie-making in action. I love when places have open kitchens. And there you have it, East Coast-ers! A little fix on your side of the country. Get thee to this pie shop, and check out their Instagram, too. YUM!

Four & Twenty Blackbirds | 439 3rd Ave (at 8th St.), Brooklyn, NY 11215

For more Sugar Fix posts, click here. (p.s. My necklace is from Kate Spade Saturday and my pants are from Zara!)