Call for 2015 Workshop Partners!

Studio DIY Call for 2015 Workshop Sponsors

We’re really excited over here to be planning the 2015 workshop calendar at the new (bigger! better!) Studio DIY HQ! And we’re looking for some awesome folks to join in the fun! At each workshop, we put together some schnazy goodie bags for attendees, and we like to feed ‘em something delish too! SO, interested in contributing something to future goodie bags? Or, own a food/drink business and want to sponsor the sweets and treats for an event? Use the link below to fill out a quick submission form so we can keep you in mind as we start finalizing workshop and event ideas! Additionally, if you have a skill you’d like to teach at Studio DIY HQ, please use the same form to fill out your info there. 2015 is gonna be a big partyin’ BLAST and we’re excited to have some of you be a part of it!

To submit your information for being a workshop vendor, sponsor or instructor, CLICK HERE!

Three New Wardrobe Staples I Tried + Loved with Golden Tote

Jogger Jeans

After Jen helped me add color to my winter wardrobe, she had me feeling a bit… adventurous! You see, I’m a creature of habit when it comes to clothes. I live in cropped pants, blazers, cardigans, button downs or pullover sweaters almost every day. Little did they know it, when Golden Tote approached me, they were basically offering to help get me out of my rut. BAM! Golden Tote is a monthly clothing flash-sale site that sends you a tote filled with 5-7 items, two you’ve selected and the rest are a surprise picked by their stylists! A surprise!? I decided to take the leap and ended up with a bunch of fun, new-to-me silhouettes and staples to experiment with. So today I’m sharing three ways I incorporated these new schanzy items into my wardrobe!

Golden Tote

Click through for the three looks!


It’s Tradition! Italian Rainbow Cookie Cake

Italian Rainbow Cookie Cake

I’m a BIG fan of traditions. Big. HUGE! Whether it’s a meal you share every birthday or an activity you do every holiday or a standing Tuesday night date with your BFF for manis + gossip, I just love it. As Jeff and I think about starting a family, I’ve been thinking even more about traditions we’ll continue from our own childhoods, and new ones we’ll start for our future family. I thought it would be fun to start a new column that celebrates such traditions, and I’m hoping to get you all involved to! I want to share and showcase traditions big and small through the Studio DIY lens and celebrate these important moments and how they bring together those who mean the most. What do you say!? Read on to hear the tradition behind this cake, and how you can see some of your traditions showcased here too!

Italian Rainbow Cookie Cake


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