Plaid You At Hello! | Two Plaid Looks for Fall with Target

Plaid you at hello!

How do we all feel about plaid? Love it? Hate it? I usually have mixed feelings. I love a grid-like plaid, but usually I pop it in here and there and call it a day. But after shooting at this crazy grid wall for our Wall Crawl, I’d kinda been craving plaid in a bigger way. So I teamed up with TargetStyle to share two plaid-y plaid looks and it was a GLORIOUS excuse to hit up my fave wall again. ‘Cause plaid on plaid on PLAID is better than just, ya know, plaid… right?

Plaid you at hello!
Plaid you at hello!


Happy Weekend!

Lisa Frank Unicorn Outtake

An outtake from our Lisa Frank Costume shoot that I like to call, “It’s 8am and I just walked down the street dressed as a unicorn after spending 20 minutes looking for a bobby pin in my car so I could pin my mane on.” BUT IT’S ALL WORTH IT, YOU GUYS!

We made it! This week has been such a thrill for me. If you follow me on Snapchat, you’ve already heard my (excessive) musings about our annual #studiodiyincostume series, but I’m going to say it all again. HA! Four years ago I started making DIY costumes because I thought there was a void in the market for costumes for girls. There were big/bulky/crazy/made-of-foam costumes, there were fancy and pricey masquerade type costumes and there were suppperrrrr scandalous/sexy costumes. But there wasn’t really a lot out there for ladies who just wanted to go trick-or-treating with the kiddos, or to work, or to a party where they weren’t trying to attract ALL of the single men in the room. So we started turning dresses from your closet into cute, appropriate, versatile and accessible costumes. And yes, we have some crazier/more involved costumes in the running now too, but they all fit the fun, appropriate, your kids can see you in it and it also didn’t break the bank vibe.

I was so FLOORED when so many of you started making the costumes yourselves, and coming back year after year for more ideas. If you ask me what my biggest accomplishment of my career is thus far, it wouldn’t be any of the magazine features or dream brand partnerships, it would be the fact that we helped fill a void for one of the greatest holidays out there and that SO many of you hopped on board and started sharing your versions of our costumes with #studiodiyincostume. I get really emotional every Halloween because I get so happy that you all are just as excited as me about the costume roll outs, so thank YOU for sharing in my love for crazy, fun and often food-themed Halloween attire. You guys ROCK!

But it has only just begun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We’ve got 12 more costumes for you guys and I just can’t wait for you to see. For now, I’m spending the weekend with my parents who are in town (It’s my mom’s birthday today!) and taking some time off to try and relax after doing 20+ shoots in the last two weeks. Have a great weekend!!!

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