Behind The Scenes at Studio DIY HQ

Behind the Scenes at Studio DIY HQ

I often share behind the scenes peeks on Instagram and Snapchat, but I thought it was high time to share some here and talk about what a week really looks like at Studio DIY HQ! It’s generally a combination of crafting, eating (donuts), photo editing, errand running (in the piñata district)… the works. No two days are the same, so it’s hard to break down a “normal” day. For the most part, we would create and shoot in the studio and then edit and write posts at home, because that’s where our desktop was so when Intel asked us to give their new All-In-One computer a test run we were STOKED because it meant we would finally be able to create a post, from research to crafting to uploading, all in one (Ha, see what I did there?) place. Here’s a peek at how our week went and all the work involved in taking a post from start to finish!

Behind the Scenes at Studio DIY HQ
Behind the Scenes at Studio DIY HQ


10 Rad Father’s Day Gifts for Dad

10 Rad Fathers Day Gifts for Dad

Most days we’re all besties and gal pals up in here, but I gotta let the dudes and dads in on the action today since Father’s Day is fast approaching! If you don’t think burger balloons, taco letter holders or record cupcakes are appropriate, I’ve got 10 pretty rad gifts to scoop up just in time for Dad’s big day!

No. 1 SandWedge Door Stop | No. 2 Watch
No. 3 Father’s Day Cord Tacos | No. 4 Best Dad Ever Shirt
No. 5 Solar Powered Charging Backpack | No. 6 Condiment Boxers
No. 7 Fast Food Socks | No. 8 Fine & Dandy Tie Clip
No. 9 Flamingo Vans | No. 10 Grooming Product Kit

For more reasons to get your online shopping on, you can follow my Want It. Need It. Pinterest Board, too!