A Summer Dreamsicle Party!

Summer Dreamsicle Party

I would like to officially announce my protest against the end of summer. And I would like to announce it with POPSICLES! Dreamsicles, really. A summer dreamsicle party. Move on over Shakespeare, this midnight summer’s dream(sicle) has ARRIVED! We partnered with Truvia® Sweetener to put together some really fun ideas for SIX (!) creamsicle recipes, popsicle BALLOONS (!) and some pretty pretty printables too. Gang’s all here! Let’s do this!

DIY Popsicle Balloons
Fruity Dreamsicles
Fruity Dreamsicle Recipes

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What the Flair!? 22 Buttons + Pins Your Jean Jacket NEEDS!

22 Buttons, Pins and Flair You Need
I really wanted to title this “I whip my flair back and forth” but that was too long. *SIGH*

I think I can blame thank ban.do for this obsession but I have been buying ALL THE FLAIR lately. Pins, buttons, I cover every jacket, blazer, overalls, dress and purse in them because… uh… do I need a reason? Nope. FOR THE LOVE OF FLAIR, everyone needs some in their life. So here’s 22 of our top faves!

No. 1 Lipstick Pin | No. 2 Burger Pin | No. 3 Smarties Pin
No. 4 Eye Pin | No. 5 Fingers Crossed Pin | No. 6 Egg Pin
No. 7 Bomb Pop Pin | No. 8 WHY Pin | No. 9 Banana Pin
No. 10 Lips Pin | No. 11 Grapefruit Pin | No. 12 Ramen Pin
No. 13 Ice Cream Pin | No. 14 Ban.do Flair Pack | No. 15 Giraffe Pin
No. 16. Balloon Pin | No. 17 Pizza Pin | No. 18 Smiley Pin
No. 19 Avocado Pin | No. 20 Dancing Girls Emoji Pin | No. 21 Go Away Pin
No. 22 Donut Pin Pack

For more reasons to get your shopping on, you can follow my Want It. Need It. Pinterest Board, too!

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