DIY Pun-kins!

DIY Pun-kins! |

The fact that the word pumpkin has a practically BUILT IN pun in it occurred to me this year and we just HAD to make some DIY pun-kins. PUNKINS! Oh man, it’s like all my dreams came true. We mustered up our best Halloween puns and slapped ’em on a pumpkin using… tattoo paper! SO easy for those of us (hand raised!) who have less than stellar handwriting. Let’s make some!

DIY Pun-kins! |
DIY Pun-kins! |

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Happy Weekend!

DIY Banana Split Pumpkins!A DIY that didn’t make the blog, but I just had to share here… we made banana split pumpkins!!!! We painted tiny upside down pumpkins and then used brown hot glue for the hot fudge, cotton batting for the whipped cream and gumballs for the cherries, plus this banana and this sundae boat to finish it off! Fun right?

15 days until Halloween you guys!!!!! Have any of you started making your costumes yet!? Remember if you are making a Studio DIY costume, tag it with #StudioDIYinCostume on Instagram! I still haven’t decided which I’m gonna be, but my nieces have already claimed the fruit and the popcorn thus far. We have a couple fun last minute costumes coming your way in the next couple weeks for you super procrastinators out there! No judgement. This weekend we’ve got a family game night on the books (YESSS!), a couple shoots and some good ol’ relax-y taxi-ing.

Links to love, watch + procrastinate with…

These costumes are KILLING ME! Hahaha!! This one sold out, but it’s my favorite.
Yesss some good Snapchat tricks!
Emily’s book arrived at the studio this week and we all literally GASPED.
I know we’ve all seen our fair share of weavings but THESE blew me away. I love the colors in this one.
Can someone make this into a wallpaper?
So many glittery boots, so little time.
I bawled my eyes out watching this. Jeff laughed at me. THEY’RE SO GOOD!
Oh a big fat YES to these earrings.

Projects to try + sugar rushes to be had…

These citrus pumpkins are crazy awesome!
The coolest piñata of all time.
GENIUS idea if you aren’t into painting your pumpkins!
Yes, please. I will talk all of them.
Love this Pac Man costume!!!
MORE amazing book costumes! Oh and this one inspired by my boyfriend Jimmy Fallon’s book.

Wink Wink! | 6 Ways to Send a #WinkandaNod To Your Besties!

Wink Wink!

Remember when you used to take those personality quizzes in middle school to see whether you were “The Flirt” or “The Fashionista”? It’s ok to admit that you took ALL OF THEM, you know back when you read magazines like J14 and Teen Beat. We all did.

My point? Well, Clinique recently launched a new online destination called The Wink where they’re showcasing awesome people, places, ideas, tips, interviews and more. They asked me to come up with a few “winks and nods” that reminded me of certain people or personalities and ALL I could think of were those personality quizzes, so we decided to illustrate our very own version! We designed six fun Winks for their new site and I just BET one of them reminds you of one of your besties. I even dedicated one to one of my best pals, Ashley of Sugar & Cloth. Bet you can’t guess which one! *Wink wink*

Party Animal! (Wink wink!)
The Party Animal

Beach Babe (Wink wink!)The Beach Babe

Click through to see the rest!

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Devil’s Delight Milkshake

Devil's Delight Milkshake with Pretzels, Peanut Butter and Dark Chocolate |

What is a Devil’s Delight Milkshake you ask? Well, let me tell you. It’s a milkshake that involves ice cream with pretzels, peanut butter, dark chocolate… YEP. ALL that goodness!!! And I have Seattle Chocolates to thank for this, because their Devil’s Delight Truffle Bar inspired it, and it’s all crushed up in there too. Because you guys, this chocolate is the bomb diggity. As in the “don’t you dare touch my bar or we’re gonna have problems” kinda good. Plus you help to do good while you eat it. (More on that below!) These milkshakes would be super fun to serve at a Halloween party or while watching scary movies this October, or just for any Friday night that needs some major amping up. Let’s roll!

Devil's Delight Milkshake with Pretzels, Peanut Butter and Dark Chocolate |
Devil's Delight Milkshake with Pretzels, Peanut Butter and Dark Chocolate |

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