17 responses to “DIY Dancing Girls Emoji Piñata”

  1. Oh my gosh, this is so awesome! Next level emojis. My faves are the face with hearts for eyes (kind of addicted to this one) and the girl in pink top pushing the ceiling with one hand mmmmm-hmmm! ha!

  2. This is amazing!!!


  3. I can attest to the fact that you use the dancing girls emoji a lot…And the red dress dancer.

    These are great! And I love the fact that you matched your outfit to theirs.

  4. Stop, I CANNOT handle this post! I am dying laughing over here. When I saw that you guys picked up two Tinkerbell pinatas I was SO curious about what you had up your sleeve. This is better than I could have guessed. Bahaha!

  5. Hahaha I’m there with Chelsea – CRACKING UP over here. That GIF is the best thing ever. You nailed this!!

  6. So cute! Did you see Ban.do’s fun fact on this emoji? It’s actually a version of the playboy bunny known in Japan as a bunny girl! Who knew!! Still love this emoji though!

  7. These are so amazing. An emoji themed party is so totally needed right now!

  8. hahaha this killed me. my favorite emoji!
    can you imagine smashing them though!? hahaha TRAUMATIZING

    dakota barber

  9. ha ha hah ah ah hahahahah. YOU ARE THE BEST!

  10. I love this DIY. The dancing girls are one of my favorite emojis. I featured it on my weekly roundup:


    Thanks for sharing!

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