16 responses to “DIY Balloon Elbow Patches”

  1. I love that you used embroidery thread for the string! Such a fun patch. :)

  2. OMG yes looks SO great!!!

  3. OH MY BUTTERFLY these are the best elbow patches ever.

  4. These are amazing!! I love the combination of the gold on that white sweater too. So stinkin cute. Also, I know your obsession with pineapples (well, all fruit really) and thought of you when I found this! Had to pass it along: http://www.boohoo.com/usa/clothing/playsuits+jumpsuits/icat/playsuits/jazmin-pineapple-print-string-back-playsuit/invt/azz27193

    So cheap and so cute!! xox, grace (patternedposies.blogspot.com)

  5. LOVE these, Kelly!!

  6. Where is the skirt from?

  7. Love this! So cute!!

  8. I vote kiwi patches next! (to wear with the pants off course!)
    Jamie @ SnapGinger

  9. do you have to buy the cricut to make the patches?? Great project!!

  10. This is adorable! I love it.

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