DIY Balloon Elbow Patches

DIY Balloon Elbow Patches

You guys loved the ice cream elbow patches so today… balloons! I figured with back to school season right around the corner, this Cricut project could be a fun little DIY for your kiddo’s sweaters! Balloons don’t have to be just for birthdays, of course! They would make for pretty schnazy birthday attire though. Let’s make ’em!

DIY Balloon Elbow Patches

Cricut Explore™
Cricut Iron-on in Desired Balloon Color
Sweater or Cardigan
Needle + Embroider Thread in Desired String Color
Iron + Ironing Board

DIY Balloon Elbow Patches DIY Balloon Elbow Patches
DIY Balloon Elbow Patches


1. Open up this project in Cricut Design Space. Follow the instructions for cutting your balloons out of the iron-on material. Peel the excess iron on material off the clear liner, leaving only your balloon shapes. While it’s cutting, try on your sweater and mark the elbows with a pin.
2. Place the balloon (right side up, liner still on) centered over the pin and remove the pin.
3. Use your iron to iron the balloon in place according to the directions on the packaging.
4. Now it’s time to stitch your string! Using your embroidery thread and needle, stitch a string from the bottom of the balloon to the cuff of the sweater with a back stitch. Knot at each end.

DIY Balloon Elbow Patches

All Photos by Studio DIY

Ideally, this sweater should be worn while carrying these balloons. Am I right!?

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16 responses to “DIY Balloon Elbow Patches”

  1. I love that you used embroidery thread for the string! Such a fun patch. :)

  2. OMG yes looks SO great!!!

  3. OH MY BUTTERFLY these are the best elbow patches ever.

  4. These are amazing!! I love the combination of the gold on that white sweater too. So stinkin cute. Also, I know your obsession with pineapples (well, all fruit really) and thought of you when I found this! Had to pass it along:

    So cheap and so cute!! xox, grace (

  5. LOVE these, Kelly!!

  6. Where is the skirt from?

  7. Love this! So cute!!

  8. I vote kiwi patches next! (to wear with the pants off course!)
    Jamie @ SnapGinger

  9. do you have to buy the cricut to make the patches?? Great project!!

  10. This is adorable! I love it.

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