65 responses to “DIY Fruit Slice Umbrellas”

  1. These are the single most awesome things I have EVER seen. Love all your DIYs but I think this one tops it!!

  2. This is really one of the BEST diy’s you’ve done!

    It’s really a pretty simple project from a crafting perspective, I know, but these umbrellas are honestly just making me SO happy right now. I love them! 😀 I want to make them right now!

  3. These are pretty darn awesome! Although it never rains in LA so you probably wont need them right? Here in the UK however, we are known for our rainy summers. I need to get umbrella painting quick!

  4. These are so clever. I’m thinking grapefruit would be another fun one to paint too because of the colors, but I love all three of these.

  5. OMG!! I totally agree with the ladies above!! this is one of your top DIY!!!! I absolutely adore them!!!! I think my favorite is the watermelon! thank you so much for sharing! you were right yesterday about a new post that will make up for your absence! ha! :)

  6. Love this! You are a genius!

  7. I mean seriously, your talent is unreal! So cute Kelly!

  8. Love these Kel!

  9. Spettacolo!!!! idea strepitosa!! :)))

  10. so flipping cute!

  11. You. Are. Brilliant. SO CUTE!!!!!!

  12. Woah dude, these are incredibly cool. Nice work with this diy, easy and effective! Now I’m dreaming of watermelon :(

  13. Niesamowite parasole, bardzo smakowite – nie wiedziałam że jest taka farba do tkaniny impregnowanej. Mniam…

  14. love this idea, however, I am sure if I attempted this it would look nowhere near as good :) xo


  15. Wow! It is super impressive that you painted those! I really love them :) Everything you make is such an inspiration of color and joy!

  16. These are the BEST umbrellas I’ve ever seen!! Very fun!!! Love all the beautiful shots too!

  17. Ridiculously amazing! The colors and graphics are so cool and I love the tape stencil for the seeds. So smart :)

  18. That’s such a cute idea! And the photos are beautiful!

  19. What a fun project! I’m definitely pinning this to make the lemon slice one later!

  20. I would consider making one of these since I live in Nebraska and we get quite a few rainy days. My only concern is that the paint doesn’t hold up and cracks easily or it runs off the umbrella on a rainy day. Any testers who can say neither of these hypothetical situations happened?

  21. This might be my favourite DIY you’ve ever done! I love them! Such a great idea!

  22. Awwww!!! This is literally the most amazing and cutest DIY ever!!!!!! I NEED to make one of these cause they are legit adorable! I already have a yellow umbrella so I’ll make the lemon, but the watermelon looks awesome too so I’ll probably buy a red umbrella to make one! And BTW, you’re right, kiwis don’t get enough love…
    Congrats to you for having the best idea ever <3
    Love, Elsa

  23. These are too adorable, I will be putting this on my never ending craft list!