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  1. I absolutely LOVE all of your DIY inspiration you have up each and every day!

    I love the idea of giving my father a burger balloon! SO GREAT!!!

  2. At one of my best friend’s weddings, we released dozens of red, heart shaped balloons as she and her new hubbie were leaving the reception. It was so beautiful!

  3. I always loved surprising fellow campers with balloons on their birthdays (since balloons aren’t something you typically see around a summer camp). *fingers crossed*

  4. My favorite memories involving balloons are all from summer birthdays and party games-namely transferring them from knees to knees in a relay race!

  5. This is genius!

    I always loved how long balloons lasted after my birthdays as a kid!

  6. I love these hamburger balloons, Kelly. SO perfect for a barbecue. And you are the cutest girl ever in that last photo.

  7. at my sweet 16, we had a whole bunch of white balloons and it looked so pretty in pictures!

  8. These hamburger balloons are so great! I always make hamburger cupcakes for 4th of July. These balloons will be a great accompaniment to the cupcakes this year!

  9. These are so, so cute! I’m constantly impressed by your creativity. Ok, now I’m hungry for a burger..

  10. These are so incredibly creative!!! SO cute!

  11. When i was little my brother would surprise me each year on my birthday by decorating the house – one year he did balloons on my chair at the dinner table. it was great!

  12. oh my goodness! these are A D O R A B L E! your inspiration makes me want to stop what im doing and go do a million diy crafts!

  13. Love this hamburger balloon! So creative! I feel like I could eat it!

    One of my favorite balloon memories was making an adorable “Geronimo (type) Balloon” for my parents anniversary!


  14. When I think of balloons I immediately have the mickey mouse balloons from Disneyland pop into my head. There’s not much more fun than Disneyland!

  15. I stumbled upon you from West Elm’s registry promotion. You’re site is so cool! Congratulations to you and your fiance! My fiance and I are doing the reverse. We bought the house and are now working on honing our style: therunuphill.wordpress.com

  16. You are seriously brilliant! I saw these on Pinterest and just knew you were the brains behind them :)

  17. haha these are so funny and awesome1

  18. When I filled my sons room with balloons for his birthday.

  19. These are brilliant!

  20. My favorite balloon memory is from when I was in the hospital as a little girl and I received a lot of balloons from friends.

  21. I’d have to say my favorite memory with a balloon is at my niece’s baptism party. We tied the balloon around her waist, and she was crawling on the floor. It was totally adorable!

  22. u hv the best ideas! i luv the buger balloon!!!!

  23. my best balloon memory…. the first time i created a balloon centerpiece (4yrs ago) and now i luv creating with balloons

  24. My daughter was away at college for her 21st birthday. We rented a “Chicken” to deliver balloons in the school

  25. these are the cutest!! i want to eat and stare at them at the same time

  26. I love balloon animals and circus balloons!

  27. My daughters first birthday – had plenty of balloons to hand out to the kids who loved it!

  28. i see pink and purple macaron balloons!!! OMG i love this burger balloon DIY so much, kelly. i bow time to the balloony fast foody amazing crafty genius that you are. xoxo

  29. My daughter’s 1st birthday had hundreds of balloons and she LOVED it!

  30. Omg! I love the idea in the comment above about making macaron balloons! So smart. And I ADORE the burgers! So genius, so adorable… One of my favorite balloon memories was on a trip to Disney World with my friends my senior year of high school. My best friend & I charmed the man that holds a huge bouquet of hundreds of balloons to let us hold it & take pictures. The result is a great photo of a great trip. =)

    But I hope to make a new favorite memory this month for my best friends baby shower! I’ve ordered a bunch of the huge, 36″-ers in pink & clear (to fill with big pink confetti dots) and plan to do a Studio DIY/Geronimo-esque tassel treatment. As big as that look is, I can’t say it’s really “hit” Iowa yet. Hope people will be wowed! Hoping a Balloon Time can fill those & winning that tank would be even better!

  31. My favorite memory of balloons is sucking in the helium :)

  32. Birthdays! but my most memorable birthday was my 7th NKOTB birthday party, my parents had new kids on the block balloons, plates, napkins…you name it they somehow found it…best birthday ever :) lol

  33. There a photo of my daughter on her first birthday, walking around with a bunch of balloons that look like they could lift her off the ground, one of my favorite pics ever!!

  34. This is a fantastic DIY idea!! Summer is almost here, it would make perfect BBQ decorations!

  35. As part of our senior prank, we filled the dean’s office with balloons!

  36. I love buying bunches of red heart balloons every valentine’s day!!

  37. I honestly don’t remember my favorite memory that involves balloons but…I would love to make new ones for friends with this tank!

  38. My favorite memories with baloons, is when we were kids and would suck the helium out of baloons and run around talking in a high pitched voice. Craziness. Glad we serviced! 😉 Love your blog.

  39. you are a genius!!!!!
    i love this specially since i LOVE bobs burgers!!!! <3 <3 <3

  40. Every birthday we surprise the girls by hanging a wall of balloons outside their doorway, so when they wake up they’re surprised and reminded that we know it’s their special day!

  41. Love me some balloons!!!

  42. Woohoo, zero calories if they are floating !

  43. One time we filled my husbands office with balloons!

  44. A friend once filled my sister’s room with balloons, they went from the floor to the ceiling. It was SO cool!! It was such an awesome surprise!!

  45. One of first jobs involved filling helium balloons. I absolutely love this idea! Brilliant! My three year old would be amazed to see these as well, can’t wait to do this!

  46. OMG this is adorable. I just shoed my coworkers and we are having a bbq next week. IM BRINGING THIS!

  47. My sister and I collected all the balloons towards the end of a wedding reception and had a balloon popping contest. I would like to think i won but ….she won.

  48. I absolutely love this idea. It is too cute. Thanx for sharing.

  49. I always love playing with water balloons. I like to sit on them till they pop!

  50. My Dad was kind of a dead beat when I was a kid, but one Valentine’s Day, he had the biggest balloon bouquet sent to me at school. It was about 15 balloons with a teddy bear and candy, and the kid’s all gathered around oohing and ahhing. It was nice to be the center of attention for a minute!

  51. I’m obsessed with these burger balloons!! I’m hoping to make them for my cousins grad party at the end of July!! You have the cutest and greatest DIYs!!!

  52. I used to love when my kids were little and we would tie the balloon around their wrist so it would not float away.

  53. I love all things balloons & my daughter does too!

  54. As a kid my parents told me to hold onto my balloons close and that if they flew away, all kinds of balloons went to the magical land in the sky: “Balloonia.” I’d always picture a place full of every balloon I could think of; balloons shaped like dogs, graduation balloons, sweet 16 ones, vintage shiny mylar balloons, even water balloons that somehow bounced up to Balloonia. Maybe there’s a burger balloon up there!

  55. Balloon is a must have item in every party i had!

  56. These might work for the taco balloons I need!! Thanks!

  57. These are adorable! I was skeptical at first about how easy they’d be to recreate, but now I’m pumped to use this idea at my next summer BBQ! Thank you.

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