18 responses to “DIY Donut Floppy Hat”

  1. This is completely brilliant, Kelly. And that mint wall is so awesome.

  2. This is the best idea ever ever. Thanks for the inspiration! <3

  3. This is brilliant and I’m definitely making myself one of these for the summer! SO COOL!

  4. You are just awesome Kelly!! I have no words to describe my admiration for your work and what seems to be like an energy-packed life! so so cool!!
    June 6 happens to be my birthday, I had no idea it was doughnut day. I may just request a doughnut cake then :-)

  5. Well, this is absolutely genius. Who doesn’t need a donut hat, really? Love it

  6. This is so cute and creative! I love all of your doughnut posts, but this one has to be my fav! Beautiful pictures too!

  7. Oh.EM.GEEEE!!!!
    I seriously can’t get over how cute this is… I might… just have… to make this! Love Love love! <3<3<3<3

  8. I have died and gone to donut heaven!!! Seriously this is amazing!! I am obsessed with donuts and loved these past few projects / recipes! Great tips! As far as real donuts are concerned, my fav is a glazed old fashioned cake donut, with a close runner up being a pink sprinkle cake donut…yummmmy! And I defn agree, #donutsdeserveaweek !!! So fun!!!

  9. There is one doughnut that is the king of them all — Maple Glazed Old Fashioned!

  10. i absolutely love that a lot of your DIY’s are donut themed! <3 favorite food, couldn't live without them.

  11. Full on Donut cutness!

  12. That is so fun! Such a cool idea

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  16. hey I was just wondering if you sell those. I really love it just I’m not that artistic.

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