Happy (Busy!) Weekend!

Helloo! Busy week, busy weekend. That’s the theme! It was pretty exciting to announcing that I’m hiring on Wednesday, and I’m so excited to start reviewing the applications this weekend! (If you missed that post and are looking for an assistant position or an internship in LA, pop right over here!) Today I have a big shoot for Balloon Time and tomorrow we’ll be headed to Palm Springs for our engagement shoot! Eeep! Then, in case that isn’t enough, we’re headed back to LA and over to Paris Photo. Anybody been? Jeff went last year and it’s pretty much all he’s talked about since… that’s how much he loved it! So I decided to tag along this time. What are you all up to!? I’ll see you back here Monday!

Pineapple Basket

The only piece of “furniture” currently in my studio, and it’s a pineapple basket. Surprised? (p.s. I’m working oh so hard to furnish this place folks, in the next few months it’ll look like way more than a big ol’ white box!)

{Inspire} Links to Love

Pineapple ice trays, folks. You are welcome. (Actually, let’s thank Kate for bringing them to my attention!)
Also, popsicle ones.
Our flatware didn’t have matching serving pieces, but these are pretty tempting.
Can’t remember whether I posted this yet, but I’d like this flight attendant on my next flight.
Every photo on this site is gorgeous.
The pink chair in this shop is what my dreams are made of.
Jeff and I registered for this print because… AMAZING!

{Create} DIY Projects & Recipes

These tiered cookie cakes are ADORABLE.
Color dipped meringues! So pretty.
Melanie always kills it with the birthdays.
Hehe! This dollhouse lamp.
I know these are kid’s toys, but I kind of want to make some for the studio. THE COLORS!

{Celebrate} Studio DIY Elsewhere

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4 responses to “Happy (Busy!) Weekend!”

  1. I am so in love with that pineapple basket. And I saw those pineapple ice cube trays on your Pinterest last night.

  2. lol, I included the pineapple ice trays in my roundup today too they are SO cute! Maybe you should consider Hawaii for your honeymoon- pineapples everywhere!

  3. Omg… I LOVE that chair so much! The pineapple ice cube trays are adorable, too! Great links… can’t wait to browse the rest of these :)


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