148 responses to “Ask Your Bridesmaids with Ban.do (Free Printable + Giveaway!)”

  1. What a thoughtful darling idea as a pregift for wedding party!

  2. Lately the kiddo’s want to watching nothing buy Adventure Time so I would have to say the most fun word, at the moment, is “Mathmatical”.

  3. These are fantastic! They’re more unique and original than a lot of things found on Pinterest for bridesmaids these days. Can’t wait to meet your girls!

  4. This is absolutely amazing. And fluffernutter is pretty fun :)

  5. All of these goodies are amazing!
    One of my favorite words is, “Hooray”!

  6. Hmmm the most fun word I can think of is FANCY. :)



  7. This is adorable! I absolutely adore your ideas and follow along every day! And POP is the most fun word I can think of. It reminds me of champagne. balloons. confetti. bubbles. surprises. cake. Which are all fun things!

  8. That is such a brilliant idea! I’m already married– but I totally want to apply this to some other gift! Cute!

  9. Love this idea, and what a wonderful surprise for your bridesmaids! Which leads me to the most fun word I can think of – surprise!

  10. Love the sprinkle paper you used!

  11. Most fun word I could think of is giggling!

  12. How adorable! Thanks for the giveaway! Eep so cute!

  13. The most fun word I use is JUICY. Like, omg, those bando products are so JUICY.

  14. love love love this!!!

  15. I love this! Congrats!! Most fun word i can think of right this minute is summer… bring it!

  16. Congrats! These are adorable! I hope they all said yes!

  17. The most fun word I can think of is paprikash—not really because of what it is, but just because its fun to say!

    PS–I’m I think the link to Floating Specks Instagram account actually goes to Ban.do’s account.

  18. This is so cute! My most fun word is SWIMMING

  19. The most fun word I can think of is PUPPY! I mean, it evokes so much happiness just saying it. And when you see one?! How much fun is that?!

  20. This is so cute – The most fun word in the history of fun words is probably “Indubitably”

  21. such a cute idea!

  22. I love the idea of the card in a matchbox thanks for the inspiration! most fun word I can think of is sunshine (possibly cause I’m craving some right now!)

  23. LOVE! The most fun word I can think of is winning!

  24. “Oh la la” is the most fun word I can think of! You are having the time of your life with your wedding coming up, studio DIY expanding. All I can say you are one lucky person! :-)

  25. Super cute idea! Plus, confetti makes everything better. :)

  26. love this idea! i’m a fan of the word “yes” on a bobby pin

  27. The most fun word is SPARKLY!

  28. I think Cheers and Rad are my favorite fun words! Both mean something good is happening!

  29. Hmmmm I always think the word “sass” is pretty fun!!

  30. Love all of this!! currently, the most fun word is spring! can’t wait for it to warm up over here in nyc…

  31. Most fun word is Party!

  32. so cute! gotta say that “festive” is my favorite word.

  33. I like the word “WINNING” like how Charlie Sheen said it ahhaahah

  34. This is fun! Also floccinaucinihilipilification is fun!

  35. Sweet!! Congratulations and nice idea!! :)

    In our blog we have today and special post about the designer “Alex Proba” with her project “A poster a day”…You´ll love it!! 😉

  36. I like the word “Bravo!” Or “Cheers!”

  37. I’m going to have to go with Gretchen Weiners and say “fetch”.

  38. What a thoughtful and fun idea! I wish I’d seen this before I asked my bridesmaids 3 years ago. The word/phrase Cheerio! always makes me smile, especially when my hubby says it in his bad British accent. :)

  39. I love the words “Rad” or “Fab”!

  40. Love this! The most fun word is awesomeness!

  41. First word that comes to mind is Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

  42. So adorable! The most fun word I can think of os macaroon 😉

  43. This is perfect!

  44. The most fun word I can think of is fizz!

  45. Fabulous is a fun word!

  46. so awesome! my fun word is shizzle

  47. Most fun word? “cheers!” or since I’m currently preggo and can’t get enough “donuts!”

  48. Congrats and super cute idea! Yay is a fun word.

  49. Wait, are we limited to English only? Because I’ve always been a fan of ‘trabajaba’ in Spanish! 😉 In English, I think ‘charming’ is a fun word. It’s sounds so stylish and well… charming!

    These are too cute!

  50. what a fun idea! the most fun word i can think of is DONUT!

  51. party!!!!!!!!!!

  52. I think the word/country “Zimbabwe” is so fun to say!

  53. My favorite fun word is “festive” or “festivities” :)

  54. YIPEE! Either that or Christmas :)

  55. I have two fun words:

    1. fiduciary (i know it’s not really that fun but it makes me laugh everytime)
    2. raffle (my fave word, i just love to say it, raffle, raffle, RAFFLE. haha, I also don’t mind a good raffle now and then)

  56. most fun word – serendipity. its fun to say and has a great meaning!


  57. this is all so cuuuute!!!!
    and of course you would ask with a bang!!!

    i love it all!
    i cant wait for wedding pictures!!!!

    congrats again!!!

  58. most fun word, probably party

  59. What an amazing way to ask your bridesmaids! Can’t wait to see what you do with the rest of your wedding preparations! Best Wishes!

    I love Ban.do! I think “ker-plunk” is a fun word.

    Thanks for a chance at the giveaway!

  60. LOVE love love!

  61. Confetti! You can’t get much more fun than confetti…well, unless it’s glitter + confetti!

  62. My favorite fun word (that my fiance says all the time) is FANTASTIC!

  63. Um, cutest idea ever!

  64. Funtabulous is such a FUN word!

  65. I commented before I read the directions. Most fun word is D’OH! (does that count as a word? I think b/c you like donuts so much and it’s Homer’s word and he loves donuts it should count).

  66. Hooray is the best word!

  67. Ooh la la…. love it! Most fun word… ummm hard to choose, but “discombobulated” is pretty damn good

  68. My favorite fun word is fantabulous.

  69. ooh how adorable!
    and probably either party or jubilee :)) such happiness!

  70. These are the cutest bridesmaid invites I’ve ever seen. I am obsessed with this idea AND this giveaway. Love ban.do.

  71. These are the cutest!!!! My fave word is definitely hello!

  72. Love this idea and my favorite word is YAY!

  73. Most fun… shindig or shenanigans! :)

  74. Amazing giveaway! I love the word “soireé”! :)

  75. Love Bando!! Fabulous giveaway

    love it/want it all!!

  77. Most fun word: “yay!” So I obviously LOVE the yay bobbi.

  78. My favorite Fun word right now is “Kawaii” or “Aigoo”!!!! Kawaii of course means “Cute” in Japanese and “Aigoo” is Korean, can’t really explain what it means though, but I know how to use it in a sentence! It’s more like a feeling.

  79. “yay!” is a fun word! :)

  80. I channel my inner Chandler Bing for fun moments and go with a big “woohoo!”
    Like, WOOHOO!!! Love those cards and this giveaway! Lol

  81. This is such a fun and refreshing idea!
    I love the word Stupendous!
    Thanks for the inspiration and giveaway!

  82. The most fun word I can think of is…


  83. what a clever and fun way to ask your bridesmaids!

    “beautious” has always been a fave word of mine :)

    best wishes for your upcoming wedding!!

  84. I love this! I wish I had done something clever like this when I got married!

  85. Every single idem is so so so cute! Loving all of the color and sparkle! Hope I win!

    1. I always post too soon, whoops! The most fun word i can think of is BOOM-SHAKA-LAKA!

  86. What a fun idea! So bright and cheery!
    The most fun word I can think of is YIPEE!

  87. I love this idea!!!!! SUPER-DUPER is really fun to say 😀

  88. nothing says fun like fun{FREAKIN}tastic! oh yeah.

  89. Such cute accessories!!

  90. Looking at every picture on this post make me happy! So much fun! My favorite fun word? MAGIC.

  91. favorite word at the moment is FABULOSITY!

  92. A fun word…hullabaloo!

  93. The most fun word = CHIC

  94. Fun word for your consideration = FANCY!

  95. Let’s see.. the most fun word I can think of is Razzle-dazzle!

  96. stupendipitous is a pretty awesome made up word.

    i am also a fan of awesome.

  97. are those actual bobby pins available on ban.do? i’m having a hard time finding them

  98. Huzzah is one of my favorite celebratory words. This is such a sweet way to ask your bridesmaids!

  99. My most fun word? Why it’s supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

  100. Ahh love this!!! That printable makes me want to get married all over again!!

  101. the most fun word i can think of is “twizzle”

  102. the most fun word i can think of is “haute”

  103. great giveaway! thanks for the opportunity!!!

  104. The most fun word I can think of is “Sparkle”. Congrats!

  105. This is a really sweet, special way to “pop” the question! Thanks for sharing! My favorite and most fun word is Supercalifragilisticespialadocious!!

  106. I think a fun word is OHYEAH! I love love love the bobbis! That is such an exciting way to ask for bridesmaids! (:

  107. I really love saying zwolf which is 12 in German!

  108. I have been eyeing up just about all of this! I want everything in the frills pattern! Too cute!!

  109. Wooo! Awesome giveaway!

  110. That is so super cute! Your bridesmaids couldn’t help but say yes!

  111. My fun word would be exuberant!

  112. superific! when something is super and terrific :)

  113. The most fun word I can think of is FABULOUS!!!

  114. Such a cute idea! I bet your bridesmaids were so chuffed! The most fun word I can think of is SUPER. I use it all the time :-)

  115. I love the word scintillating- not something you hear every day, and what a shame!

  116. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is the most fun word I know.

  117. definitely “cheers!” :)

  118. HUZZAH is my fun word! (:

  119. definitely “surprise”!!

  120. Eeeep! is my favorite!

  121. One of my favorites is zephyr. :)

  122. Three of my favorite forces of fun together for one post?! Magic!

  123. I love the word “CANDY” lol it just looks and sounds cool to me 😛 ! (and I love candy)

  124. Candyland!!! Viva la fiesta

  125. I love the word “cacahuate” which is Spanish for peanut 😉

  126. Hmm… The most fun word I can think of is… ADVENTURE!!!

  127. Incredible idea!! Will have to try!!

  128. I love your fees on Instagram and your site. I adore shop Brando and would love to win!!!

  129. God, those bobbies. <3

  130. Your life is full of pretty things and prettier people! Love!

  131. What a great idea. I love that the bridesmaids can use these gifts. :)

  132. Sparkle! I think every girl needs a little sparkle in her life.

  133. Fun words: confetti, effervescence, glitter and sparkles!

  134. This is awesomely fantabulous!

  135. what a fun giveaway! I love all things ban.do!

    schnikes is one of my favorite words to say!

  136. Fun words: NEON and SHIMMER!

  137. Love this stuff! I find I have an odd obsession with totes, and would just adore this one in my collection! Thank you studio DIY for presenting so many absolutely positively cupcake cute ideas!

  138. Oops, forgot to share my fun word! Magnolia! Word that reminds me of spring and beauty!

  139. Super cute! Most fun word: fetch (a la Mean Girls, it’s making a comeback!)

  140. supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

  141. Fun word: squeeze! Such a cute DIY, wish I could plan my wedding all over again! :)

  142. FunTastic!! :) loving this bridesmaid idea!

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