17 responses to “DIY Letter Shaped Boxes”

  1. So cute! These would make great favour gifts when filled with goodies. If only I had enough time to make 15 for the baby shower I’m hosting this Saturday!

  2. those paintbrush holders are genius!

  3. These are gorgeous! What a fun idea!

  4. I think you already know how I feel about these letter boxes, but I’m going to say it again….I’m obsessed! They are so clever and cute.

  5. Damn girl, these are good.

  6. You should be proud of yourself because they turned out pretty terrific.

  7. Great job! These are really cool. I want to go make one right now. :) http://www.lovelyclustersblog.com/

  8. Cool, cool and super cool! Love these and I have already pinned them!

  9. These are great! Way to go =)

  10. Lovely idea!!! We’ll sharing it on our facebook tomorrow Kelly. Amazing work! New fans from Barcelona! :))

  11. Those boxes are so sweet. I’ve made letters out of cardboard but never thought to turn them into boxes. LOVE IT!! Off to check out that paintbrush doodad… need it. Thanks! XOXO

  12. Absolutely love the colors you used to paint them. Any tips on what paints you mixed to get those fabulous colors? I see the picture of the paints you started with, but what did you mix to get each color? Thanks!

  13. I’ve been looking for some cute boxes to store some stuff in, but everything I’ve found has been pretty ugly. Totally going to be making some cute ones now instead!! Thanks for the great DIY :D

  14. I love these letter boxes. Thanks for sharing your tutorial.

  15. Really like what you created and shared. I think I am going to attempt to make these out of wood. Wish me luck!

  16. […] credits: Top left – Studio DIY, bottom left  - Life Unscripted, right – Flipawoo […]

  17. Has anyone tried making the letter ‘S’? Not sure if it’ll work

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