8 responses to “DIY Confetti Cannon Makeover”

  1. I LOVE this idea! Very inspiring! I’ve seen those at party stores before, but passed them up based on their packaging. Now I can make them fit any party theme:) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Very cute and inspiring! Your wrapping is much nicer and I like the idea of being able to customize to fit the theme of whatever party you are hosting :)

  3. So so so interested in party supply DIYs! Also, not sure if you have the time/ideas for this, but I’m running in a 5K on Jan. 25 (a week from Saturday) that’s called the Donut Dash. Yup. Donuts. They serve donut holes along the course and have a donut party afterward. Do you have any running-outfit-friendly donut DIY ideas? A headband maybe?

  4. Love the idea of this series! DO EET :)

  5. Love the little disco ball accents! I need to make one of these.

  6. Hahah “safety first” – love it. These are adorable, Kelly!

  7. These look so much better than the original version =) Yes, I would love for this to be a new series!

  8. Such a cute idea and a great way to use wrapping paper.

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