15 responses to “Donut Sprinkles!”

  1. So adorable! Love this!

  2. Ha! Of course you did. Can you image serving a bowl of cheerios with a few of those sprinkles floating in the milk? I think that might just make a kid’s day…or a big kid for that matter!

  3. What a BRILLIANT idea to use cheerios!

  4. That is so adorable! I knew the idea to use the cheerios but you put them on a cake and that is just.. brillinat. It makes the cake 10 times more adorable.

  5. These are pretty much the most adorable thing ever! Plus, now I can eat a dozen donuts and not feel bad :)

  6. Adorable!!! This is just too cute!

  7. Oh my gosh! How adorable are these?! I love Leah’s idea of floating a few of them in a bowl of Cheerios too, by the way. Though I think they look super cute on that cake.

  8. Super ridiculously cute!

  9. I love donuts, I love sprinkles and I love sprinkled donuts, but DONUT SPRINKLES? THIS IS GENIUS :))))

  10. Such a cute DIY!! Looove it 😉

  11. Love love love these! They’re PERFECT for a new Valentine’s Day cupcake recipe I’m working on– can’t wait to give them a try!

  12. they are darling!

  13. I am just dying over the cuteness of this idea! I so have to do this sometime. :)

  14. […] familiar with the round breakfast cereal made of oats that is shaped like an extremely miniature doughnut. It has the consistency, and taste, of cardboard. Yet children eat them like they are going out of […]

  15. Oh my gosh… I feel the need to have a donut party!

    These are tiny perfection!

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