16 responses to “Donut Sprinkles!”

  1. So adorable! Love this!

  2. Ha! Of course you did. Can you image serving a bowl of cheerios with a few of those sprinkles floating in the milk? I think that might just make a kid’s day…or a big kid for that matter!

  3. What a BRILLIANT idea to use cheerios!

  4. That is so adorable! I knew the idea to use the cheerios but you put them on a cake and that is just.. brillinat. It makes the cake 10 times more adorable.

  5. These are pretty much the most adorable thing ever! Plus, now I can eat a dozen donuts and not feel bad :)

  6. Adorable!!! This is just too cute!

  7. Oh my gosh! How adorable are these?! I love Leah’s idea of floating a few of them in a bowl of Cheerios too, by the way. Though I think they look super cute on that cake.

  8. Super ridiculously cute!

  9. I love donuts, I love sprinkles and I love sprinkled donuts, but DONUT SPRINKLES? THIS IS GENIUS :))))

  10. Such a cute DIY!! Looove it 😉

  11. Love love love these! They’re PERFECT for a new Valentine’s Day cupcake recipe I’m working on– can’t wait to give them a try!

  12. they are darling!

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  15. I am just dying over the cuteness of this idea! I so have to do this sometime. :)

  16. […]  But of course it is, these make perfect  doughnuts for the elf on the shelf and super adorable cake sprinkles. I had spent some time creating cute little watercolor doughnut printables to go with this […]

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