10 responses to “Snowflake Stenciled Macarons”

  1. Ohhh these are so cute!!

  2. LOVE THEM! if someday you find the way to make the snowflake to stay in the macaroon please share!!!

  3. Oh my! These are so adorable, I didn’t know you could make a macaroon even more fabulous! (As I am already completely obsessed with macaroons.)

  4. sooo cute and pretty and delicate, kelly! yes, snowflaking can totally be a word! suggestion for snowflake-staying-on powers – maybe a little brushing of clear edible glue on the top of the macaron? that way a powdered sugar imprint would surely stick! xo

  5. Um, incredible! I’ve got to try this asap!

  6. This is the cutest! You are so creative! Love everything you do!

  7. This is such a cute idea! Totally want to try this!

  8. Wonderful idea! We’re going to share this on Facebook and twitter with our customers and followers, so they can customize our French Almond Macaroons for the holidays! http://www.gourmetfoodstore.com/gourmetchocolate/gourmet-chocolate-details-7950.asp


  9. I love snowflakes! These look so cute =)

  10. Mmmm, yummy ! And cute snowflake <3 Lovely photos ! Great post <3 :)

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