34 responses to “DIY Honeycomb Christmas Tree”

  1. So cute and colorful!!!!

  2. Well, this is awesome! I love the colors you chose for the honeycombs too. Really cool idea!

  3. I love this, I have an obsession with honeycombs and this is a great idea!!

  4. That is adorable… great decor to do with kids!

  5. I love this! Always fun seeing Christmas decor in colors other than red and green.

  6. Cute! I love all the alternative Christmas trees I’ve been seeing this year. A great way to save money and space…and be a little quirky and different!

  7. perfectly puffily cuteness alterna-tree! love it of course! xo

  8. It looks stunning, the garlands are amazing :)

  9. Right now i’m a bit obsessed with honeycombs so this post is like heaven for me!
    Can’t wait to show you my Christmas Giant Balloon with honeycombs :)


  10. This is such a delightful and happy tree!!

  11. oh my cuteness!!! and i love love love the colors. real trees are overrated anyway ;)

  12. I love it Kelly! We have the run up to Christmas in our apartment and then we’re heading home so I might just have to make this happen!

  13. What a fantastic idea! This is great for those that can’t have a real tree. :)


  14. This is too cute!! :*) {Pinned immediately} LOVING your fabulous blog!! Now following along and looking forward to enjoying your fun posts!! Merry Christmas, Kelly!

  15. That’s a very festive and happy tree.
    I lie it.

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