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  1. yesssss! i love it, kelly! hey, i think if anyone could pull off being a pineapple every day, YOU could! xoxo

  2. Another awesome idea!! Love this–you look so cute and should definitely wear a pineapple topper every day!

  3. awesome! and lyndsay is right – you could!

  4. I love this! The dress is adorable on it’s own, and when you add the headpiece it turns into an amazing costume! So clever.

  5. LOVE this. So cute and easy. Totally has a retro feel too!!

  6. Um this is fantastic! Truly!

  7. You are too much! Briliant!

  8. Very impressive headpiece. Amazed that you got it to stand upright. that’s always the tricky part.

  9. Fantastic! Is very funny.
    Have a nice day!


  10. Super adorable! Love the dress; what a fun costume!

  11. I made it! I did this costume last night! Thank you so much!!!!! I got so many compliments, you are a true talent!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!!!!!

  12. So simple yet amazing – made me smile so much… love your site..

  13. You look hilarious! Great costume. You made me laugh, thank you!

  14. didn’t know that an ananas could be that chic.

    I linked to your tutorial on my blog – thanks for sharing!

    ♥, doro von Hand zu Hand

  15. You have never failed me! So cute.. great job once again.

  16. niiice!!


  17. This is great! I don’t want to try to make it. I want it to be perfect. Can I purchase this from you?

  18. I just want to say thanks for such an amazing idea! I made my pineapple headress out of foam craft sheets instead (it’s been super rainy here) and wore it to Disney’s Halloween party last night. It was a hit!! :)

  19. Going as this for halloween — can’t wait for tomorrow!!! Thanks for being awesome!

  20. This is adorable!! What a fantastic idea–a job well done! (Found you today via Smitten Studio)

  21. I was this for Halloween and got so many compliments! Everyone thought it was such a cute costume ( Although I was called a banana, corn and a palm tree…) Thanks for this super cute diy and I recommend as a Halloween costume!! :)

  22. […] Esto me pareció gracioso si eres un anfitrión que le gusta el rol y no le tiene miedo a experimentar.  Es divertido y muy fácil de hacer, en un simple vestido amarillo y el tocado de la cabeza es increíblemente sencillo de hacer. El tutorial aquí. […]

  23. Or – maybe this pineapple. This costume is adorable as the height of pineapple leaf. Very creative and fun! I love the color!

  24. I saw this last year and saved it for this year… found a great yellow pant suit and just finished making the head piece – SO CUTE!! Love it… great tutorial!

  25. I am OBSESSED with this pineapple hat. I think this is the perfect costume idea for halloween. However, I am the worst at arts and crafts. Terrible. It’s embarrassing. I was wondering, is there any way I can buy this pineapple leaf hat, or at least something similar?

  26. This is such a cute idea! but making the hat was WAY harder than it seems in the picture. I bought xl posterboard and only the big and first layer of medium sized ones fit on it. my neighbor came over to ask if I was okay BC I was screaming from stress 😔

  27. I just made this and the first leaves were a little tricky to get on but easy peasy from there. Took me s out an hour and a half when all was said and done. I attached two sets of black ribbon to the base and plan to tie one under my chin and one behind my head under my hair. Seemed secure when I tested. I’m very excited to wear it out tomorrow! Thanks for the idea!

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