13 responses to “DIY Donut Pumpkins”

  1. Girl!!! You are KILLING me with the cuteness!!!

  2. These are amazing!

  3. Kelly you are killing me with your obsession!!! I just love them!!! hahahahaha you are sooo creative!!

  4. These pumpkins are so adorable!! =)

  5. Keep the donut DIYs coming, I say! Let’s dooooo-nuts!

  6. Love this idea SOOO much!

  7. The little girl in us. I love your pumpkins, so cute and I love these cute things too. Like the vintage metal lunch boxes and pencils, erasers lol. So fun to bring memories back in a kind of grownup way.

  8. These are just the cutest!

  9. Hahahah oh my goodness! Cutest idea EVER


  10. What an adorable idea!! They look so cute!

  11. These pumpkins are super cute! Great idea!

  12. You are hilarious!!!

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