18 responses to “DIY Party Animal Pumpkins”

  1. These animal party pumpkins are such a cute twist to traditional pumpkin decor.

  2. Oh my GAAAAHHHHHH that flamingo pumpkin.

  3. I should have known you would put party hats on pumpkins. These are awesome! I LOVE them. And I am SO glad to hear that you are out of the hospital.

  4. Your Party Animals and now Party Pumpkins are so awesome! I can barely stand that flamingo pumpkin! I mean come one!

  5. That elephant pumpkin is so stinking cute Kelly! Of course you can nail a diy, even when you were sick. Hope you’re feeling better!

  6. These are SO cute! Hope you are feeling better, too!

  7. Elephant pumpkins! So cutee!!

  8. Awesome party pumpkins!!

    Glad you are back home, have a super speedy recovery x

  9. These are the freaking cutest!

  10. By far the best, most unique, and most creative pumpkins found this season. Well done absolutely well done!!!! SUPERB!!! And happy to hear you are home and well on the mend 😀

  11. This is hands down my favorite pumpkin DIY! Really…how do you come up with this stuff?

  12. Love, love, love..

  13. So cute!! love them

  14. So cute and stylish!

  15. This could be a great project for my students!

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