12 responses to “DIY Clever Halloween Costume Toppers (Part 1)”

  1. These are so great!

  2. Love love love these. Such a great idea!

  3. So cute. The balloons and apples are my fave!

  4. As a fan of Neil Young, I’m incredibly smitten with your ‘heart of gold’ idea!

  5. Love these! I’m always looking for ideas that don’t require me to fully dress up when I’m trick or treating with my young kids. I love the party animal one! I look forward to seeing the others!

  6. So cute and clever Kelly!

  7. These are so great! Looking forward to the batch =)

  8. um kelly some hollywood indie director should snatch you up for some super cute indie romance!!! you are the cutest model… and these are so fun and clever (not to mention easy breezy!). LOVE ’em, kelly! ^__^ PS i did a few halloween masks using headbands a few years back that i’ll try and rustle up a photo to send you… one of them was aptly named “watermelon face.” ^__^

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