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  1. OMG!!!!! You are beyond clever!!!! And, who knew there were donut shaped balloons? This idea is absolutely brilliant. I love it!!! Now I’m totally craving donuts lol

  2. These turned out so great. I can’t believe that they make donut shaped balloons!? BUT I can believe that if they made them, you would be the one to find them. Super cute project.

  3. You’re a genius. The end.

  4. You are truly the cutest thing ever! I love these so much…I may just have to come up for a reason for a party!


  5. These are the most awesome balloons I’ve ever seen! Now I want to plan a donut party!

  6. the cuteness never stops!! i love these balloonies! ^__^ you kicked up those donut balloons majorly!!

  7. Love this! Who’s going back to plain balloons?

  8. I’m in awe! These are fantastic.

  9. Donuts aren’t my dessert of choice (please don’t hate me) but these are so delightful. Another project well done Kelly.

  10. These are awesome! I didn’t even know they made donut balloons =)

  11. I might just have to these for myself on my birthday. They’re just too darn cute.

  12. Are you kidding me? !! ADORBS!!!

  13. You’re killing it girl!

  14. OMG this idea rocks – I am in LOVE

  15. Amazing! I’m right in the middle of making a doughnut piñata based on your tutorial! I’ll have to send you a picture when I’m done! Its my first time making a pinata. We’re throwing a donut and apple cider party for my both my boys’ birthday.

  16. I think it’s the first time balloons actually make me hungry 😀 love these!

  17. I am LOVING all your donut projects! I am definitely making these for my 30th birthday this year :-)

  18. The sweetest donut balloons :) So clever and yummy!

  19. Holy moley, those are so stinkin’ cute!

  20. We just picked up the supplies to make these for our wedding. We suddenly realized that we’re going to have to paint them while they’re blown up. Any ideas on how long helium would last in them? I’d like to be able to do these ahead of time and not the night before my wedding.

  21. Hi there!

    I just wanted to pop over and let you know that I’ve shared this post in an inspiration board for a Cute Candy Themed Birthday Party my blog.

    Here is the direct link to the post if you want to check it out:

    Thanks for sharing this post! I may have never found what I was looking for :)

  22. These are so cute! Had no idea donut shaped balloons existed!


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  48. oh,so you buy donut balloons and make…donut balloons out of them? Wow, I’m amazed, who knew this was possible!

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  54. I was SO excited to make these for my daughter’s donut-themed second birthday party tomorrow! However, when I brought the balloons to our nearest Party City to have them blown up, the balloon wouldn’t inflate properly. All of the helium would rest in the bottom half of the “donut”, and it would burst if they tried to push it any further. I tried calling the manufacturer of the balloons, but they were closed. Any thoughts or tips???

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  58. Lovely post. It just started its life on FB among Balloon professionals. As a balloon professional myself and worldwide balloon instructor (yes that exists! lol) I can give you some tips. The Original Donut balloons are made by the US brand Qualatex. The balloons are made from 100% natural latex. This means if you do not store them well and leave them f.i. exposed to sunlight they Biodegrade and break down. (possibly causing the popping) another fact: a balloon professional should have known that the way we inflate the donuts is by holding the neck very close on to the nozzle so we start by inflating the top and stop when we have a nice round shape. (do not inflate the neck) last tip: Hi float only retains the helium in the balloon when it has dried up. Different temperature, humidity and ventilation will result in different float times or in extreme situations not even work. once again cute idea and enjoy the balloons.

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