20 responses to “DIY Confetti Dipped Balloons”

  1. Boy, I love the look of these and they seem relatively simple to make!!

  2. Yay! I love the way these turned out Kelly! The photos and styling are perfect. And I also have an urge to steal your outfit.

  3. these are so gorgeous! gold foil confetti is so pretty.

  4. I think we might have the same obsession for confetti! Love these balloons and lovely photos!


  5. Wow, this is so simple and easy yet it makes such a great difference. Love it.

  6. love that you’re rocking all your confetti dipped creations at once(: xx Sydney

  7. Extra bit of *weight.
    Not wait :)

  8. I feel like every day you wake up and say, to confetti or not to confetti? And confetti always wins.

  9. Oh Kelly! These are the best balloons ever!

  10. Love this concept. Going to try it soon.

  11. Super cute! I am pinning :)

  12. Hi Kelly!!! looooooved the idea!! can’t wait to try them!! I have a question!! ¿Can I use regular glue or it HAS to be decoupage?? I’m having a little trouble finding it (I’m from Mexico and we don’t have that kind of material everywhere)

  13. Great idea! Love how the balloons look!

  14. Very cute, just pinned it. :)

  15. Top award for your wonderful balloons!

  16. ♥♥♥♥♥!!! Can you tell me the balloon size you used? Thanks!

  17. so very pretty!
    I linked to your tutorial on my blog – thanks for sharing!

    ♥, doro von Hand zu Hand

  18. Hi!! I love your idea. I’m planning on making them Tomorrow night for my bday. I just have a question before I start!! Did you dip them in confetti before or after you blow them up? Thanks!!


  19. Thank you so much. I am going to do this for my best friends birthday.

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