12 responses to “DIY Geometric Party Projects”

  1. LOVE these pinatas, Kelly! So striking.

  2. love those party hats! actually, love everything about this party 😉

  3. Wonderful tutorials, Kelly – thanks! The pinatas are a ton of work, but they’re so festive and worth it. :)

  4. Very creative, I love it!

  5. I love EVERYTHING about this post! Beautiful! With a capital “B” and a capital “eautiful!”

  6. I love these DIYs so much Kelly! I’m going to have to make one of those bead necklace for myself.

  7. What an unusual and cute idea, Kelly! Love those bead necklaces.

  8. KELLY. the world should pay you one million zillion dollars for how party-brilliant you are. your ideas are stupendously awesome!! i love those geometric pinatas… oh heck, the whole theme is amazing! ^__^

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