11 responses to “DIY Paper Bow Party Hats”

  1. When I first saw the paper mache cone we received in the boxes I immediately thought you’d use it to make one or your incredible party hats and this one does not disappoint. It’s so adorable! Thanks for participating in the challenge, kelly!

  2. Of course, another amazing DIY :) Loved what you did with the cone! xx

  3. When I saw the box of supplies, I knew you would use that cone. I was like, “This has Kelly written all over it”. Love how the party hat turned out. And those heart sunglasses!

  4. How cute and oh so crafty! I love how to used the supplies to create that bow!

  5. Gosh, Kelly, you just rock a party hat DIY like no other. For a split second I considered it and realized how out of character that would be for me and wondered what amazing spin you might take on it. You didn’t disappoint!

  6. Kel, I love this. It’s so true to you and so beautifully shot! And I love yellow too. That’s why we’re friends!!!

  7. This is great Kelly! I love that when I browse craftgawker or pinterest I can instantly tell what DIYs are yours. You always do such great work!

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