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  1. Omigosh! I was so so fascinated with making sun prints as a kid!

    1. as a child mom was too buzy for crafts, as a parent I made sure my children and grands do them all the time. fav? I once went to daughters class and taught them how to make coffee_filter flowers.. big hit !

      need coffee filters as many as you want to make -become flowers
      one box food coloring
      pipe cleaners
      open the filter lay it flat, add a drop of food coloring watch it spread. add a drop of water to spread color and bend add diff. colors or same allow to dry

      once colored and dry grab center of filter and hold squeeze flower together at center wrap pipe cleaner to form stem cut. adjust the length of clearners to form a pretty flower arangement

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  3. I loved any reason to get my tiny kid hands smothered in glue! making paper crowns was probably my favorite :) the disney fan in me always made me want to be a princess hahaha.

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  5. I LOVED making friendship bracelets and little wooden dolls when I was a kid.

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  7. Love how this turned out Kelly. I always picture with balloons is your hand, FYI (and a bow of course). And look at that little scissors necklace. Cute.

  8. My favorite craft was those yarn pictures you could make by pulling it through the little plastic mesh thing with the hook tool…I am going to have to figure out what the proper name was and if they still sell those!

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  10. My favorite child hood crafts where those hook and loop pot holders. I would sit for hours and make up a bunch of those things. My parents and grandparents where extremely loving and kind and would always tell me my pot holders were beautiful and would be just as excited at receiving their twentieth as they were their first.

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  12. Now that I have a little one on the way, I’ve been wanting this book like mad. May even add it to my registry :) As a kid, all crafts had to include glitter. My mom was a saint!

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  14. One of my favorite crafts to make was snow globes for Christmas. I still love to make them for Christmas, which my sister, who has zero interest in making crafts, finds amusing.

  15. Friendship bracelets!! Many nights were spent staying up makign things – so much fun!

    LOVE that confetti shirt!!!

  16. My favorite was making crayon shaving art. we would get two pieces of wax paper and put crayon shavings between then iron the papers to each other so the wax and the crayon all melted together. Then you could cut it into any shape you wanted. They were so pretty!!

  17. I was in love with Sculpey clay. I would always attempt to make a little treasure box & lid or little teacups for my toys. Such fun memories and such a fun d.i.y. + giveaway!

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  19. As a kid I loved making candles with melted crayons and dry flowers. Too much fun!

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  21. I loved making shrinky-dinks and friendship bracelets. And I would LOVE to win that book!

  22. I know this is going to sound ridiculous, but when i was younger i would spend my summers with my dad, so while my dad was at work my step mom would do crafts with us and my absolute favorite was cutting egg cartons and making them into caterpillars, i swear there were so many around the house one summer!

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  24. i used to love tie dying shirts!

  25. OMG this is a-maze. I have been wanting to try out making my own t-shirt for a while and now I just have to do it! Your confetti design is so fun! That book looks like a must have folks.

  26. I loved making homemade Christmas presents

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  28. YOU are incredibly talented. This is one of my favorite post.

  29. Pet rocks! One of which still lives on my mother’s desk.

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  31. I follow you and my favorite craft as a child was glueing pictures in a big book with my Grandma! Now as a grandmother myself I will be doing the same with my grandson. My daughter loves to craft yeah!

  32. loved paper mache projects and friendship bracelets growing up!!

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  34. Friendship bracelets!! I spent so many hours making them. :)

  35. Growing up, I was at my grandmother’s house every day. She used to plan different craft projects to do with us. One that I will always remember is painting porcelain. She always had random porcelain objects for us to refinish!

  36. This is *fabulous*…cannot wait to try it with my daughter!! Loved to water color paint as a kid :)

  37. favorite craft as a kid? drawing and painting with dad :)

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  39. Yay! I love this!

  40. I loved painting, all kinds!

  41. I loved making potholders with those hair tie things and a peg board. I must have made a thousand of those things, who knows where they are now!

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  43. My favorite craft as a kid was to make candles that looked like scoops of icecream. Very messy, but satisfying. We figured it out on our own:) COmplete with cherrys:)

  44. I showed this around the daycare I work at and some of the teachers are going to do this with their kids for the 4th of July. Super cute!! I might just make one myself too. 😛

  45. Like some of the others, I was all about friendship bracelets and potholders. My new thing is making stepping stones with my toddler though. A keepsake and a way to make a path around the garden.

  46. I would go from one obsession to the next, but I was particularly manic about making Ukrainian Easter Eggs for a few years.

  47. my sisters and I spent endless hours making items for our dollhouse out of sculpey clay – from mini hotdogs to baby bottles.

  48. I always liked making friendship bracelets with my pals.

  49. Painting is my go to activity, I could use some different ideas!

  50. My absolute favorite craft was to make beaded lizards with all types of beads. Glass, plastic, metal you name it! I made so many I regularly gave them to friends and family.

  51. My favorite craft was painting my hand like a turkey and stamping it on a piece of paper or cardboard. Sometimes even my shirts! (My mother wasnt very happy when I did that haha!)

  52. I remember learning to make friendship bracelets, and raiding my mom’s cross stitch embroidery floss. So much fun.

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  54. I liked making macaroni art the best and mud pies.

  55. My favorite childhood craft activity was making Christmas tree ornaments! Glittery Christmas trees, clay snowmen, and hand painting ornaments!

  56. I think anything that involved tissue paper. 😀

  57. I love finding tutorials that give me cheap options to spruce up plain items from my closet! I love love this. It’s adorable.

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