20 responses to “DIY Surprise Message Confetti Poppers”

  1. eeeee this is adorable! super idea :)

  2. These just get better and better! When I saw your PopSugar video on the poppers, I thought they were ingenious. These take it to a whole new level! Wouldn’t it be cute to use these to reveal the sex of a baby to, say, grandma and grandpa?

  3. LOVE!! so cute…what a great idea Kelly!! Hope you had an amazing birthday…looks like you did!!

  4. What a cute idea. I didn’t realize I had ‘confetti needs’…until now. Ha! On another note, I love how colorful the photos are.

  5. So awesome, and I couldn’t imagine a better partnership for a confetti expert like yourself (have you added that title to your business card yet?!). And a happy belated birthday to you!

  6. Really too cute…and yes, would definitely be perfect for a gender reveal! Great project!

  7. ¡¡ME ENCANTA!!! Anotado queda en mis ideas pendientes
    Confeti en los bolsillos

  8. That is such a cool idea! So colorful and happy, love it!

  9. I’ve never seen a party popper with a little written message inside it! This makes me goo-goo for party poppers all over again!

    1. Oops! Correction: *ga-ga

  10. Thx :). It’s great!!!! Very Fun!!!

  11. For the cardboard tube, did you use a toilet paper tube? Or did you need something sturdier? Thanks!

  12. Hi, I’m making these for my gender reveal party. Where do you find crepe paper that size as I can only find it in rolls?

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