13 responses to “DIY Easter Bunny Piñata”

  1. kelly, this is too cute! i may have to make this with my girls they would LOVE doing this ♥

  2. Oh my gosh…so cute. I love the pompom nose – feel like it could be a tail as well. Can’t wait to see you…LA here I come!

  3. Such a great post! Making this for my kids – they are going to be over the moon!

  4. i’m glad this piñata is pull-able. i don’t think i could hit that cute bunny in the face…

  5. This is cute and easy, but I’m not sure I want my boys hitting the little bunny. LOL. One Christmas we drove up to my Grandma’s for dinner and there was the bottom half of a Santa pinata in the neighbor’s garbage. We thought it looked so pitiful that they beat Santa so I’m not sure how this would go over. :)

  6. Way to cute! TFS

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