23 responses to “DIY Giant Balloon Heart”

  1. Girl! You’re like a nonstop hit-machine lately! You are DIY royalty.

  2. I agree with Chelsea. You’re rocking the DIY world, my dear! This is gorgeous. And I’m jealous you have helium.

  3. I L O V E it!!!!!
    I just discovered your blog and it’s so FUN!!!!!!! Congratulations!!! :-)

  4. This is simply awesome!! I think I’ll try it without helium by taping the back of the balloons to a wall…I needed something to do with my gold balloons, so this is perfect! ;). Love ALL your ideas.

  5. How fun is this! Can you imagine waking up to something like this. Hint hint nudge nudge husbands. Love it! xo

  6. This is awesome! I want to make it for a photo backdrop, so cute!

  7. I love the impact of this – it would be so cute at a wedding, too!

  8. I can’t get over how amazing this is!! Such a great idea!

  9. Kelly, you are amazing, this is soooo lovely!

    All the best, and thanks!!!

  10. I love this! A great addition to it would be to write what you love about the intended person and stick one thing in each balloon, then let him/her pop each balloon and read the messages! :)

  11. This is soooooo cute!! I love it. Hope you don’t mind me sharing with my bloggers. :)

  12. I LOVE this! I throw a Valentine’s Day party every year and I totally want to do this next year! Pinning so I won’t forget!

    Found you via CraftGawker

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  14. I love this one! You are awesome!! :D

  15. I love this one! Very nice post. very informative…)

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