8 responses to “Alt Summit 2013: From Card to Party”

  1. Thanks for including mine! Yep, handstamped! I’ve made menus, invitations and place cards with embroidery hoops too.

    Love your photos, so much better than mine :) Super awesome meeting you and thanks again for the awesome business card. I have it right above my desk!

  2. I’m redoing my office area (because my inspiration wall is pathetic) and your honeycomb card is certainly going to be featured on it 😉
    It was so great meeting you at Alt with all your polka dots! (that right there made me like you instantly).
    Thanks for including my card in this lovely collection. I’ve got the link on today’s post for the paper clips. There’s tons of other animals and I kinda wanna collect them all…

  3. These are all seriously amazing! I love seeing the business card roundups because there are so many cards I didn’t see. I can’t believe Lexy sewed 900 feet of garland!! I’m impressed.

  4. Thank you for including my card. And thank you for the awesome card you gave out, I have it up in my work area and will be showing it later this month when I show readers my office.

    One tip if you’re using vintage game pieces in favors — start early and negotiate with eBay sellers. (Most of the Etsy sellers were asking too much so that wasn’t a viable option.) I hit a time crunch so wasn’t able to get all of my pieces for a reasonable price. Some sellers were asking $8 for 2 or 4 cars (I didn’t pay that amount).

    I’m so glad we got to meet and hang out, and can’t wait until our paths cross again in person.

  5. Great to meet you in person Kelly! And your cards are amazing. So perfectly you. :)

  6. Hey, I really like your website! I linked this post to my blog here:


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