16 responses to “DIY Honeycomb Party Invitations”

  1. These are amazing and I can’t wait to see your biz card!

  2. Such fun! Excited to see this fabulous project translated to business card form!

  3. I’ve never been so excited about receiving a business card!

  4. Genius! I’m embarrassed to admit I didn’t know you could buy honeycomb paper!!!

  5. I. LOVE. This. Seriously, this is a ridiculously great idea!

  6. Cute idea for a birthday party invite! I love honeycomb paper spheres!

  7. I am scouting you out for one of these for sure. They’re cute and ingenious!

  8. I love this so much!

  9. Girl. If you are giving these out at Alt I’m gonna wear it as an earring. All. Week. Long.

  10. Oh my gosh, this is so much fun! And if your biz cards are like this, I wish I was going to Alt EVEN MORE! Love it.

  11. OMG, this is so creative and cute! absolutely love it!

  12. […] Selvom vi ikke længere blogger så meget om fester som vi gjorde da bloggen startede er fascinationen til invitationer, sugerør og blomster m.m stadig intakt. Jeg faldt her til formiddag over disse fødselsdagsinvitationen og de er klart en mulighed når Lille A fylder 1 år. Jeg synes det er så fint at man kan hænge invitationen op bagefter . Jeg er ivørigt vild med papirpompomer – netop derfor pynter de fint i vinduet på Lille A´s værelse. Du finder en DIY til invitationen her. […]

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  15. Since you need two half circles per invitation, how many can be made from 12 sheets of honeycomb paper.(If I made them the same size as your)

  16. […] sorgt schon vor der Party für einen WOW-Effekt! Eine Step-by-Step-Anleitung findet ihr bei studiodiy. Auch diese süße Girlande aus Wabenbällen in Form kleiner Heissluftballons ist von […]

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