Five Things to Cross Stitch

I think it’s about time “Five Things” made it’s comeback on this here blog, yes!? Before the Christmas madness, I had bookmarked several cross stitch projects that I just loved. Did anyone use to do cross stitch (or maybe you still do!?). I did throughout grade school, and loved it! These ideas are a little different then anything I ever did and they’re all ready to party right along with you!

1. DIY Cross Stitch Cup: How adorable is this!? Of course, you couldn’t actually use this cup for drinking but you could gift it away with some yummy treats inside! These would make wonderful favors for any sort of party, just change out the heart! (psst… this tutorial is in Portuguese but the pictures really tell the whole story!)

DIY Cross Stitch Cup

DIY Cross Stitch Cup via Estéfi Machado

2. DIY Cross Stitch Office Supplies: If I had room for a real office you better bet it would be filled with these amazing DIY supplies! Wouldn’t these make the perfect gift?

DIY Cross Stitch Office Supplies

DIY Cross Stitch Office Supplies via Camille Styles

3. DIY Cross Stitch Stool: Betchya didn’t know you could cross stitch wood! Oh the possibilities! Bye bye plain old furniture.

DIY Cross Stitch Stool Cross Stitch Stool DIY

DIY Cross Stitch Stool via This Little Street

4. DIY Cross Stitch Runner: I’ve been loving on this cross stitch table runner for a few months now. It’s just so ideal for simple dinner parties and the like! I bet you could make a super colorful one for the kid’s table too!

DIY Cross Stitch Table Runner

DIY Cross Stitch Table Runner via House of Earnest

5. DIY Cross Stitch Sweater: This DIY sweater may just be my fave of the bunch! After seeing it, I have a twist of my own brewing for some fun Alt Summit attire. On a side note, you may notice a few hearts popping in throughout the blog here and there. It’s probably because my mind has already turned to Valentine’s Day! Forgive me!

DIY Cross Stitch Sweater

DIY Cross Stitch Sweater via Uber Chic for Cheap

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever cross stitched!? Ha, I love that I get to ask such wonderful questions!

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6 responses to “Five Things to Cross Stitch”

  1. This is a fab round up Kelly! I just bought a ton of cross stitch supplies… oh the possibilities!

  2. Awesome round up! I finally got into cross stitching, a craft that’s been eluding me for like forever, last Christmas! I made these – – and I must admit that it was crazy because it took so much time by the end after I made all the christmas cards I needed to make!

  3. I am in love with the cup and sweater! Who knew cross stitch could be so cool?!

  4. These are great! I really love the coffee cup and the sweater :)

  5. I love cross-stitching! Would totally do one of these. Thank you very much for sharing. Five things should be back!!! 😀

  6. Thanks for featuring our cross-stitched office supplies, Kelly! Love this roundup… namely that itty bitty coffee cup!

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