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  1. Love! This is adorable – and so are your nieces :)

  2. What a fun and wonderful surprise – too cool. (I think, if you want to be a “lurker” to see their surprise, to put a note on the box that it has to be opened up right on the spot – no bringing the box inside – or something like that).

  3. oh my, what fun!!! who would not LOVE to get a surprise like that!!

  4. I love this idea! Can’t wait to use it for a friends bday!

  5. I would do this and hide inside the box.

  6. Hahaha wow, that’s a great idea! I totally got excited with the photos!! 😛

  7. what a great idea!! I would love to send my niece and nephew some balloons! However, they live out of state (Ny to TX) and I am wondering, will the balloons make it traveling across the country such as up in the air in a plane? I would hate for them to get there and a couple of the balloons had popped. Will helium balloons withstand travel especially at high altitudes?

    Any advice would help! I would like to send these out soon if so! xx

    1. These are great! We would love to share our self inflating balloon gifts with you. Open the gift box and surprise!!!! A balloon blows up right in front of you ! AND there is candy in tin angelaphillips14@hotmail.com you can even mail these and they are the size of a typical cookie/candy tin!

  8. This is great! I would love to do this for my girlfriend, but where would you find a box big enough?

  9. i’m so doing this. Adorbs!

  10. Your recipient is just so darn cute! I love this idea & want to “ding-dong-ditch” balloons on all my friends and neighbor’s doorsteps now – LOVE IT

  11. Hi, Im trying to make this for my sister but the balloons don’t go up, why is it?

  12. This is the bestest idea in a long time!!! It’s one of those instant smiles full of sunshine ideas… I love it and can’t wait to try it on someone!!!!!

  13. I love this idea. I plan on surprising a 13 year old with 13 balloons. I loved your idea but plan on attaching small items to each balloon like nail polish,lip balms and candy. Thanks for a great idea. Doing it in May

  14. My friends grandpa passed away today so definitely doing this to cheer her up!

  15. Found a link to this on Mod Podge Rocks blog. What a cute idea! Definitely doing this next valentines day with some chocolate covered strawberries in the box :)

  16. Do i need helium balloons or is it ok with normal balloons which we blow???? i wanna do this for friends bday… this is awesome!!

  17. Did anyone end up mailing one? I would love to send one to my grandson! I think I will go check with the post office this week to see what/if there are regulations on mailing balloons and if they have any suggestions. If I find out any useful info from them I will share. Wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing:)

  18. Doing this for my girlfriend 20th birthday this is pretty cool.

  19. Does anyone know how those do-it-yourself home helium machines work and how much do they sell for? How long does the helium filled balloon last? Thanks.

  20. Hi, I want to do this for my boyfriend this Valentine’s but I’m not sure what box size I would meed. I was planning and putting 5, 18″ heart balloons. What would you recommend the size of the box be?

  21. These are great! We would love to share our self inflating balloon gifts with you. Open the gift box and surprise!!!! A balloon blows up right in front of you ! AND there is candy in tin :) angelaphillips14@hotmail.com you can even mail these and they are the size of a typical cookie/candy tin! :)

  22. This is exactly the idea I had in mind for surprising my kids this wknd with our upcoming Walt Disney trip!. I am going to get Disney balloons at my local party store and do this with a few Disney trinkets inside.
    Going to get one plan balloon for the middle of the pack and write – WE ARE GOING TO DISNEY

  23. I am going to try this sending to a boy who loves to get mail….for his birthday. Wish me luck!

  24. I did this for my youngest daughters 17th birthday. Started off horsebackriding at a ranch in Hawaii and saw the beautiful scenery ontop of the hill. We ate prepacked lunches (called “bentos”), sang to the birthday girl when we got back and enjoyed cupcakes. She was smiling as she slowly opened the box. Out came a large princess balloon along with smaller ones attached to Vera Bradley gift bags. It was a very memorable birthday celebration.

  25. I wonder if a local florist or maybr even a party store could be persuaded to help w/this for long distance friends or fsmily?

  26. I’m definitely doing this for my boyfriend’s Bday but I wonder what else I can put in the box besides the balloons?

    1. I put a watch inside with mines for my boyfriend.

  27. Can I mail the balloons instead of sitting it on the door step?

    I’ve already share it on Fb 😉
    Thanks again and big hugs from Barcelona

  29. I LOVE this idea! I just can’t seem to find a large box anywhere! Any recommendations? Yours looks fairly large in the picture! Everything I seem to pick up doesn’t look as though it’ll be able to hold any balloons!

  30. Did you spray paint the box white?

  31. what size of balloons?

  32. I am planning on doing this for our gender reveal in the next 2 weeks. I just wondered what size roughly your balloons were? I am thinking of either getting a large moving box (19by18by24) or an Xlarge moving box (22by22by21.5) from home depot and wanted to know how many I could put in either of the boxes (preferably the xlarge one)

  33. I loved this soooo much that for my boyfriend’s birthday I have: a large box, small box, and then his gift will be inside of the smaller box. Instead of spray painting the box, I wrapped the gift (which is a watch) put it inside the small box, then I wrapped the small box in gift wrapping paper as well. I will be using the same wrapping paper to wrap the large box that holds everything. The ballons will then be taped to a card which will be taped to the small box inside. So, on September 30th while he is asleep I will place this on his side of the bed….I hope it turns out well. Thanx for this great diy!!!

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  35. I want this !!! :)

  36. Did you guys ever test out the shipping of the ballons?

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