10 responses to “DIY Honeycomb Christmas Bulbs”

  1. Super clever … and you’re right on trend with that Emerald bulb!

  2. Oh, man. This is right up there with those ornament pinatas. This year, I had this grand idea of taking our holiday card photo with ginormous colored lights, but I could never find said ginormous colored lights. This would have been the perfect solution. I’ll definitely have to tuck this idea away for next year!

  3. Those are beautiful, Kelly!

  4. This is super cute!! 😛

  5. So clever! I love it Kelly.

  6. So cute – Pinned!

  7. These are so awesome, and so simple! Love!

  8. Such a great way to give honeycomb balls a fresh holiday look!

  9. I love these soooooo much!

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