9 responses to “DIY Gilded Holiday Centerpiece”

  1. I keep thinking that I’ll get sick of spray-painting stuff gold, but then I see beautiful projects like this and think, “NEVER!!!” Nicely done!

  2. Love the way these look all lined up Kelly. And the flowers are really pretty too.

  3. such a cute idea. I might be trying this for our holiday dinner party!

  4. this is so pretty! i might try a mini version of this because my table isn’t too big. love the flowers too.

  5. I love it! looks great :)

  6. Really nice, Kelly, I love it!

  7. I never thought blue and gold would make a good combination! This is definitely the cutest and unique! :)

  8. Hi, I just stumbled onto your website today and have skimmed a few of your projects and wow! Everything is so cute! – A suggestion to make things easier to transfer the center pieces: Would it be possible to buy some velcro strips and just line it along the wood and also the bottoms of the jars?

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