62 responses to “Holiday Giveaway with Tuck & Bonté”

  1. LOVE the frosty holiday tassle garland!! I would put it across my fireplace mantle! What a great shop!!
    Like you on FB and just liked Tuck & Bonté!

  2. this is awesome. i’m torn between the classic christmas tassel, and the “Merry & Bright” banner… i’d probably hang them in my dining room or maybe across the bookshelf wall. i really love the newsprint ornaments. totally my style when it comes to holiday decor.

  3. I love the Merry and Bright banner! What a great giveaway! Thanks!

  4. I liked Studio DIY on facebook!

  5. I liked Tuck and Bonte on facebook!

  6. I liked Studio DIY on facebook.

  7. I liked Tuck and Bonte on facebook.

  8. I love all of their product, but I think I would pick the Merry Christmas banner! And since I don’t have my own house yet and am living with my family, I would hang it across a wall in my room. So fun!

  9. I love the frosty holiday banner!

  10. I liked Tuck & Bonte on Facebook!

  11. I LOVEEEEEE the Holly Jolly banner! I’d definitely put it on the fire mantle, right next to our Christmas tree.

  12. i liked studio diy on fb!

  13. i liked tuck & bonte on fb!

  14. I love all of the christmas banners but i would more than LOVE and enjoy the Merry Christmas banner to be hung up in my home. I still live with my family and we are having three families come stay with us and i would love this to be the stand out decor item that could be talked about among all of us. Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  15. I like Tuck & Bonte on Facebook!

  16. I liked Studio DIY on Facebook!

  17. I love the “Merry and Bright” garland. It would look perfect hanging in front of my stained glass windows in the living room.

  18. I liked Tuck and Bonte on Facebook

  19. I liked Studio DIY on Facebook!

  20. I love the Merry & Bright banner! I’d probably just string it up on my living room wall, or in an archway

  21. I like Studio DIY on Facebook already!

  22. The Merry & Bright is so stylish. I would hang it from my fireplace mantle. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  23. I love the MERRY CHRISTMAS banner! I also “liked” both on FB. Thanks for the chance to win!

  24. Their “Marry and Bright” is wonderful! And it would look great in my living room next to the tree!

  25. I already like Tuck and Bonte on facebook!

  26. OMG! What a tough decision – just one? I love the pinecone garland, it would be gorgous on my mantle (just stained a lovely chestnut.) I also love the “Merry & Bright” banner. I would love that on the front of the file cabinet in my office.

  27. I “Liked” your Facebook acct. Love the photo of the red bells!

  28. “Liked” the Tuck & Bonte facebook. I look forward to more on their blog.

  29. I like the Merry and Bright. I would probably put it at the end of my hallway.

  30. I like StudioDIY on Fb as well.

  31. I like the “merry and bright” banner.

  32. Liked Studio DIY!

  33. Love the classic christmas tassel garland! I’d love to hang it across my mantle! :)

  34. Already a fan of StudioDIY on FB :)

  35. Just liked Tuck & Bonte on FB :)

  36. I love the merry and bright banner and the hohoho banners. I would either hang them on the armoire in our front hallway or on my unwieldy mantle.

  37. Jo r Skidmore liked studios it on facebook

  38. Jo r Skidmore liked tuck and bonte on facebook

  39. My favorite banner is the Merry Christmas one. I would use it to decorate my tiny, white-walled apartment to get my roommates and I in the holiday spirit, as well as to decorate for a “Christmas Carol-oke” party with my friends.

  40. I also liked Studio DIY on Facebook!

  41. Just liked Tuck & Bonte on Facebook too!

  42. I love the “merry and bright” banner most of all. Zippy, our elf on the shelf, would bring it with him on his debut on Dec 1 in our house, and we would display it over our piano, front and center for friends to see each Sunday evening when we host caroling and christmas cookies at our home.

  43. Love the garland in seafoam!

  44. Like studio DIY on fb

  45. Like tuck and bonte on fb

  46. Hummm, I think I really like the merry & bright garland the most, & I would hang it up in our living room across the biggest wall! it’s so charming!

  47. also, i liked tuck & bonte on facebook (:

  48. and i liked studio diy on facebook (: thanks!!

  49. Merry and Bright captured my holiday spirit!

  50. merry & bright is my fave holiday banner!

  51. I like you on FB :-)

  52. I like Tuck & Bonte on FB!

  53. I love your Merry & Bright banner best! We’d use it over here as a main decoration, since our two wee ones get into anything that isn’t over 4 feet off the ground! You have a lovely shop!!

  54. I like Tuck & Bonte on FB. :-)

  55. I also like Studio DIY on FB! Thanks and happy creating!

  56. Cuteness!!! Ok, the Classic Christmas Tassel Garland is my favorite, but not sure if that’s considered a “holiday banner”. Merry & Bright is my other favorite. Thanks for sharing this cute shop!

  57. I already like Studio DIY on Facebook 😉

  58. I now “like” Tuck & Bonté on Facebook!

  59. i love the merry and bright banner. i would so love to hang it on my cool tinsel tree :)

  60. i already like studio diy on fb

  61. i liked t&b on fb

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