8 responses to “A Blogiversary + A Special Request”

  1. I sent money to the NYC food bank, and supplies to a church in Queens.

  2. Happy anniversary! Your blog is beautiful and so well done that I’d thought it had been around for years already. Congratulations!

    I’m working with a few other bloggers (Melissa of Lulu the Baker, Clare of C Squared W, Theresa of inspirationCOOP, Louise of Laid Off Mom) to create an Etsy shop to raise money for the Red Cross. We’re going to launch the shop in a couple of weeks. If anyone else is interested in participating, we’d love that, too.

    Cheers to you on your beautiful blog and for the reminder to be gracious in this month of thankfulness.

  3. So sweet of your to reach out to those who donated. I have family up there as well and I am thinking of all of you. Happy anniversary to your blog as well :)

  4. We proudly donated $100 during the Sandy concert, November 2nd. As to your blog, congratulations on your one year anniversary! We look forward to many more years of seeing and reading it!

    J & L

  5. Congratulations on your one year anniversary! Wishing you many more. I’ve been dragging my feet about donating, but your heartfelt note moved me to take care of it on the spot. I’m in PA and we were very lucky, but all of the beautiful places that filled our summer at the shore memories are devastated. All who are struggling are in our many thoughts and prayers.

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