15 responses to “DIY French Macaron Costume”

  1. Eeek! So cute and creative – I love it!! Think it would translate well to a dog costume? Heehee… ; )

  2. So cute! Best kid costume DIY that I’ve seen online this year!

  3. This is pretty damn awesome.

  4. Cutest. Costume. Ever.

  5. could this be the most adorable Halloween costume ever?

  6. How much Polyfill Bags did you end up using?

  7. My grandma and I made this for my Halloween costume this year (I am 26)! Kelly, if you’d like I will e-mail you a picture so you can see how it turned out (:

  8. Hey Kelly! just found your website on buzz feed! who knew you were such a celeb. Tell me if you ever need any help, please tell me.


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