21 responses to “DIY Fringe String Lights”

  1. Super cute! And how freakin’ adorable is that gif?!

  2. Ok, Kel. Fo’ realz. This is wonderful and completely satisfies my need for Halloween projects in August and September. Great work! And it’s totally customizable. You rock!

  3. I love this! It’s so fun and it’s awesome that it’s so easy to change for any holiday or occasion :)

  4. so cute. your gif totally caught me off guard too! BAM!

  5. These are adorable! And I love your safety note. So cute :)

  6. These are great! Thanks for the tutorial.

  7. So cute…when I first read that they were LED light…my thought was that I do not like that kind of light, but the fringe seemed to soften that…then I read your note at the bottom…who knew…I had no idea that the led lights do not get as warm…good to know. I love your photography too!

  8. You are a genius! I love projects that are so easy and quick I can do them too! Yay!!

  9. Super quick and fun decorating idea – I definitely want to try this out! Love the safety note at the end. :)

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