12 responses to “Rate the Super Bowl Commercials: Free Printables”

  1. Hahaha, those are so cute and would be the perfect addition to any Superbowl game! Especially that question mark sign–sometimes I just have NO idea!!!:)

  2. Oh wow, these are fantastic! I would love to link to your printables if you didn’t mind. My readers would love these!

  3. SUCH a great idea! These are so cute- the commercials are the best part :)

  4. Very cute!! Might make Super Bowl actually enjoyable for me :) haha

  5. Clever! I’ll be sharing your post!

  6. Hi Kelly! Just wanted to let you know I shared this in a Huffington Post top 10 list for staying connected with your spouse on Super Bowl Sunday. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/fawn-weaver/unsuper-bowl-sunday_b_4705482.html

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