DIY Foodie Friendship Necklaces (+ A Giveaway!)

DIY (Tiny!) Food Friendship Neckalces

Remember when I shared these itty bitty food earrings I bought from Inedible Jewelry!? Well, it turned out that the ladies behind my fave tiny food jewelry business ALSO wrote a BOOK, The Polymer Clay Cookbook, teaching you how to make their clay creations!! I knew I had to get my hands on it and try it out for myself and let me tell you, making food jewelry might be my new favorite thing.

SOOO I teamed up with Jessica from Inedible Jewelry and with National Best Friends Day coming up on June 8th (Did ya know that!?), I adapted some of her tutorials and skills I learned from the book and made four different foodie friendship necklaces!!! OBSESSED! Today I’m sharing the details, free printable from Floating Specks to pair with your friendship necklaces AND giving away five copies of The Polymer Clay Cookbook so you can make some for yourself and your besties! Let’s do it!!!!!!

DIY Donut Friendship Necklaces
DIY Friendship Neckalces and Free Printables
DIY Friendship Necklaces Book Giveaway

Click through for tips, tutorials + to enter the giveaway!


A Little Party Never Hurt Nobody: How To Throw A Mini Party!

Throw A Mini Party!

Honey, I shrunk the party! I am BEYOND excited to be teaming up with Starbucks for some crazy fun posts starting.. NOW. Because, in case you didn’t know… I live for mini-sized everything. So when Starbucks asked me to do a little somethin’ somethin’ inspired by their new mini Frappuccino, I was all, “You mean, you want me to throw my dream party?” I know I’m not alone in loving bite-sized everything, so how fun would it be to put on a party where everything, from the balloons to the cakes to the plates (!) to the piñata is itty bitty! That’s just what I did and I have all my tips for shrinking your party to off-the-charts cute proportions! Let’s do this.

Party Frappuccinos 
Mini Ice Cream Cones
How to Throw A Mini Party
How To Make Mini Birthday Cakes

Click through for my tips + DIYs for throwing your very own mini party!


12 Things You Need For National Burger Day

Twelve Things You Need for National Burger Day

National Burger Day is on Thursday and you need to be prepared. No ifs, ands or buns about it. So, I’m here to prepare you. And by you, I mean your feet, your nails, your cell phone, your pool… you get the picture. Happy (almost) Burger Day! Don’t forget to go eat one, too!

No. 1 Burger Shoes | No. 2 Burger Bathing Suit
No. 3 Burger Card | No. 4 Burger Pool Float
No. 5 Burger Lip Balm | No. 6 Burger Sweater
No. 7 Burger PJs | No. 8 Burger Phone Case
No. 9 Burger Socks | No. 10 Burger Tattoos
No. 11 Burger Tank | No. 12 Burger Nail Decals

psst… burger balloons, too!

Can’t Crop This Class Memorial Day Sale!

Can't Crop This Class: Memorial Day Sale!Photo by Jeff Mindell from our sprinkle nail tutorial!

In between the BBQs and inaugural beach trips, why not learn a thing or two about how to up your Instagram game!? We’re running a Memorial Day sale on our best-selling online Can’t Crop This Class and it’s at the lowest price it’s ever been! YOWZA! In the class, we share five in-depth videos on how to edit your photos, build your Instagram following, brand your feed and even monetize the platform. And don’t worry, if you’re too busy partying this weekend, there’s no expiration date on the class once you purchase it. So, you can snag your spot now and watch it later, too! Head over here to learn more and purchase the class and enter code “OMGMEMDAY” at checkout to save 20% on the class from now until 11:59pm PST on Monday, May 25th!

Check out the #cantcropthisclass tag on Instagram to see how past participants are using their skills! Have a great holiday weekend folks, and happy Insta learning!

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