Halloween Chocolate Bar Free Printables

Halloween Chocolate Bar Free Printables

Way back when, our favorite houses to trick-or-treat at were the few ones that gave out FULL SIZE candy bars. Remember those!? Oh yeah, ya do. You want to be that house, you know it. We all did. And today, I can do even better.. with some schanzy new wrappers for those candy bars!! These guys (from the oh so talented Striped Cat Studio) take it up just one more level. The ones I used here are from Trader Joes (I just took off the outer wrapper. Be sure to keep them around for any allergy questions!!!) but you could use these with any chocolate bar you so choose. Get the printable and instructions right over here on eHow!

Halloween Chocolate Bar Free Printables

Printable Design by Striped Cat Studio, Photos by Studio DIY

Eat if you dare. Or find more Halloween projects here!

#MeetTheMindells: One Month Out!

My last post!!!!!!!! I can’t believe how quickly this year flew by (yet at the same time seemed like an eternity?) and now I’m just 25 days away from saying OH HEY HUSBAND! We’re down to serious crunch time and final details, so let’s get rolling.

Joshua Tree Engagement Session
Photo by Katie Stoops from our Engagement Session

What We’ve Done

We invited our guests and got all our RSVPs! BAM! It’s so nice to know a final total now, and we have less guests than expected which will make for an even more intimate day!

Palm Springs Wedding Invitations
Our RSVPs! Design by Bash Please and Calligraphy by A Fabulous Fete

Flowers!!! Holly and I finally had a (hour and half long) chat about flower specifics. We went through all the bouquets and arrangement on my Pinterest board and dissected what I liked and didn’t like, color palettes, specific blooms and greenery… for two flower lovers like us, this was a blast! Now, we just have to see what is actually available come wedding time but we’re going for the gold: peonies, garden roses, ranunculus, maybe even some poppies if there’s a fluke miracle! Lots of greenery too because I like really loose bouquets, where just a few blooms are the true stars. EEP I COULD DIE I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THE FLOWERS! Jeff on the other hand was all “Are you going to get off the phone soon? I’m hungry.” Boys.

We finalized MOST of our design details. Bash sent over the most epic design/decor proposal and we’re really excited about all the details they and Lauren are working on. I’ve told you all along that I won’t be doing much (if anything) for the decor, and I wasn’t joking. I’m leaving this day to the professionals so I can relax. And it doesn’t feel weird AT ALL. I’m so excited I don’t have 45 DIY projects to do in the next month. FO REAL! I know that this is probably what you guys really want to hear about, but it’s pretty important to me to keep some things as a surprise to our guests, so sadly I’m going to leave it out for now! Just know we’ll have some giant things, some flying things and some “shake what your mama gave ya” things.

Speaking of, we had our mock up! This was a blast. We got to see all our table settings, place cards (OMG they are amazing.), table numbers, chairs, linens, etc. all together. It’s really awesome to do this part and see it all come together after what seems like an eternity of decision making. My mom flew out to LA for it too which was really fun!

Pink and Gold Wedding
A little (terribly lit) peek at our table settings! Glassware from The Hostess Haven

We found a reading! I am slightly more excited about our reading than I am about our vows (oops). It’s from Friends and it’s great. And we may be the only two who get it, but I’m a-ok with that! After that, we finalized most of our wedding ceremony and rearranged a few things.

We booked our day-after brunch. After all your input on this post, we decided to do a grab-and-go brunch. We’ll have pre-boxed meals that people can take with them on the road, or grab and hang out at the hotel with us. And yes, Jeff and I will be stopping by to say hello (goodbye?) to everyone, before heading back to our little paradise for the next few days.

Accessorize! I got a few final accessories for the day (and an amazing garter from this lady! I’m lucky to have talented friends!!)! I ordered some accessories for the gals and Jeff has shoes. We’re getting there!

Peach and Champagne Lace Garter - The Garter Girl
My garter from The Garter Girl

Jeff got his groomsmen some of his favorite products from This Is Ground as gifts and they are awesome. Mine are still in progress.

We got our marriage license! Oh hey, we bought ourselves (a very pricey) marriage! Thanks, California. I did find out that it takes six weeks before I get the paperwork so I can change my name!? Hoping they exaggerated on that one. Also, I was expecting some fancy certificate with a seal and everything, and it’s basically just a piece of computer paper with some lines. Ha! That made me laugh, along with the fact that the line next to the marriage line was for traffic court. I have never felt so cliche as standing in line with Jeff holding hands while we waited.

Marriage License
Marriage License!!

We moved people around in the hotel. 45 trillion times. We really wanted to rent an estate for our families, but mine is just too darn big, so we rented out a hotel instead. We are still happy we did this and excited to have a space all to ourselves, but with each room being completely different and everyone coming in and out at different times, this has definitely been our biggest headache. We’re getting really close and hoping the hotel doesn’t start blocking our numbers from calling daily. ;)

What We Need to Do

Practice dancin’! I could just dance all the time, so I’m not. But regardless, we need to practice.

Joshua Tree Engagement Session
Photo by Katie Stoops

Select drinks. We’re having a few wines, beers and two cocktails. We’re recruiting my wine loving siblings to help with the wine, and Jeff will handle the rest.

Write our vows! The time has come and I can only put off writing my vows a little longer. I did convince Jeff to let me go first, since I know his will be better than mine. But now, to get them on paper…

We have to do our seating arrangement. Everyone says this is the worst part, but because we are just having two very long tables, I’m not really concerned about it. I’m actually kind of excited. I really like puzzles. Perhaps I will feel differently next week when we actually do it.

White House Wedding RSVP
The Obamas couldn’t make it. ;)
(For what it’s worth, not looking to start a political conversation here but yes, we did invite the president!)

We need to fill up our welcome bags! Kate is designing a map of our favorite spots (and key wedding locations) and we have a few ideas for what will go in them, but now we have to execute everything. This is the one “project” we’re doing all ourselves, largely because I’m really freaking excited about this. I love giving people things.

We need to get wedding insurance. Bash is handling this. Phew!

I need to get my dress to fit! We thought my final fitting would be last week, but it’s taking some major tailoring to get it to fit me properly so I have another fitting in a few weeks. Nothing like gettin’ down to crunch time folks! Oh and my crazy racerback tan line is still hanging on strong, so I will now be exfoliating the heck out of my back.

I need to turn my sweater into a cardigan, and I may need to do some surgery on a few shirts to make one for my niece (because I’m stubborn like that). Bring it, sewing machine!

How We’re Feeling

We are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. And we are racing towards that light as fast as possible! We’re so ready for the day to be here as we have the patience of two year olds. We have really enjoyed some of these final more creative details a lot more than the other things we had to check off the list. Getting our license was fun, the mock up was fun, welcome bag shopping is fun. It’s like we saved the fun stuff for last, which is good… for our sanity.

Upside Down

Help! (Or, Questions for You Hitched Folks!)

We’re feeling pretty good about getting everything done but I know there’s some things we’re forgetting (or going to forget)! So I’d love to know (selfishly!) from you married folks, what were the things in the final days that you forgot about, almost forgot about or made sure not to forget because you knew you would!? I’m talking details, things to bring, tasks to check off… basically, what are we going to think of the week of and be like “OMG!?” Anything? I know you want to help a lady out!

I’m really going to miss these posts! Even though wedding planning has felt like a rollercoaster, I’ve really enjoyed posting here about everything and hearing all your opinions and advice. I’m sure I’ll do a few post-wedding updates or maybe a post-wedding Q&A if there’s something you’re curious about that I left out? Something! For now, I’m off to run the final stretch of this marathon!! Wish us luck!!!!

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